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2 mei 2023

I find it somewhat challenging to find good third-party apps that align with my business strategy and offer the necessary functionality. However, the team at Orbit has made this process much easier. They quickly understand any issues I encounter and find workarounds to address my immediate concerns. Great partner to have!

Ivan Business
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Orbit heeft geantwoord 3 mei 2023

I'm so glad to hear we were so helpful and eased the process for you!! Thanks for leaving this review :) - Emily, Head of Support

20 april 2023

It has taken some doing to get everything working properly, but Paige from Orbit help has been very helpful in shepherding coding fixes through the process. Hoping to launch tomorrow!

We especially like the ability to use Wholesale Club on POS.

Halter Ego®
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Orbit heeft geantwoord 20 april 2023

Thank you so much for this review! I'll be sharing this feedback with Paige as well :) - Emily, Head of Support

31 maart 2023

It took a lot of time to work around the app to get it to work. I'm still testing so I can't say yet. But this review, I give 5 star for the great customer service by Kay! Kay has been super helpful and answered all of my questions very promptly. I always see people review about these things but this is the first time I ever connected with such an amazing CS.

I dropped 1 star because it's pretty difficult to set up the thing and testing took a lot of effort..

I'll be back to revise the review if the app itself fails me. :X

RJ Legend
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Orbit heeft geantwoord 3 april 2023

Thanks for this review! I hope everything continues to go smoothly :) Please reach out to support@orbitapps.com if you run into any issues going forward! - Emily, Head of Support

30 september 2022

Actually this has several precise specification, so you can do many thing as you imagine. Also you can get very kind support. no warries.

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Orbit heeft geantwoord 30 september 2022

Thank you for the kind words! - Emily, Head of Support

14 september 2022

Whosales Club is a must-have application in your shop if you want to have a B2B shop that meets all your needs. It is a very complete application where you can customise each customer view with specific filters according to the target. We are very happy with the support team for all the help they have given us.

KMB shoes
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Orbit heeft geantwoord 14 september 2022

Thank you so much for sharing these kind words! - Emily, Head of Support

17 juli 2022

Gives me the flexibility to offer wholesale and retail on the same site rather than having to operate 2 separate sites.

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Orbit heeft geantwoord 18 juli 2022

Thank you for sharing!! Happy to hear it's working so well for you :) - Emily, Head of Support

30 juni 2022

I've just gotten started with this app but they have been really responsive and helpful so far! Quick turnaround on requests and well-integrated with my theme.

Safety & Packaging Sales
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Orbit heeft geantwoord 5 juli 2022

Thank you very much for your review!! - Emily, Head of Support

23 april 2022

Super Support, sehr kondennfreundlich und hilfsbereit. Einziger Punkt - die Nutzeroberfläche könnte noch intuitiver gestaltet werden

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Orbit heeft geantwoord 25 april 2022

Thank you for leaving a review!

24 februari 2022

This app is a good for the introduction of wholesale purchases, but there were some hiccups as we did not want our wholesale customers to see some of the deals that are available to our retail customers such as free shipping at $100. However, Paige from the support team was tremendously helpful in resolving any issues we had. While there are some aspects of this app that are not ideal- like shipping fees can't be customized for wholesale customers, the support I have received with any issues has been phenomenal. While the app does have its limits, the support team can't be beat!

Kensington Protective
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Orbit heeft geantwoord 24 februari 2022

I really appreciate this thorough feedback. I'm really glad to hear that our support team eclipses some of the challenges you faced. Thanks for choosing us! - Emily, Support Lead

21 januari 2022

Great app that integrates with Superstore well. I was using Locksmith to hide my retail products which worked well but now just have a separate B2B area. You will need to disable the express checkout option from showing anywhere but your check out in order for the discounts to apply. Support from Kay was excellent.

Upavon Fly Fishing
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Orbit heeft geantwoord 21 januari 2022

Thanks for this detailed review! I'm glad to hear everything has been working so well for you :) - Emily, Support Lead