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Bewerkt 5 december 2022

Support is terrible, as far as my experience has gone its only an email support which in my opinion is utterly useless, when issues come up you need them fixed now, a chat support or even better a person to talk you through problems would be ideal. Integration has been very difficult for me and it doesn't seem to work very well on the site, I wouldn't recommend this app, my experience has been very poor from the start. To your point below, asking people to pay more money if they need help is fairly poor in my opinion. I have been going through emails back and forth for a week now with your staff trying to organise this app. We could have sorted all this out in a 10 minute conversation or on chat support. However if i pay more money you will help faster?

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Orbit heeft geantwoord 1 december 2022

Hi! We do have chat support available on our Premium plan, and we do offer a program called CoPilot that offers 1-on-1 video chat onboarding. We have very prompt email support (for free) as well. I'm sorry you've been having trouble, I've responded to your email to address your concerns - please check your inbox and reply to me ASAP. Thanks! - Emily, Head of Support

29 december 2022

Terrible experience, the app does not work with large inventory stores. It gets stuck and partially works, not a reliable solution.

I wrote for a month to support asking for help, their startegy was to deny that their was a problem in the first place, and after weeks of back and forth of this I got tired and ended up switich to another app.

They take more than a day to reply. Our store sells 90% wholesale, so this was at the core of our business. After many years of using this app, all I can say is I was dissapointed.

The app sudenly stopped working and nobody cared to help me. I even subscribed to the top tier pricing plan to get better assitance, nobody cared. Please don´t reply saying that you were on your holiday break, I started with issues since Cybermonday and getting close to new years, still no solution

Celovendo. Repuestos para celulares en Guatemala.
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Orbit heeft geantwoord 30 december 2022

Hi Javier! Thanks for your feedback. We care deeply about our merchants and always reply to every ticket - including the two requests you submitted this month. As a small team, we aim to provide as much coverage during the holiday season as we can - this means it's a bit limited and slower than our regular hours. I'm sorry you had a terrible experience, I have sent you an email and am looking forward to a reply from you! - Emily, Head of Support

Bewerkt 14 juni 2023

This app is TERRIBLE - $69.00 a month and nothing works, no one responds to you, absolute WORST app and WORST customer service Ive encountered on Shopify Apps store - FIND another app, avoid this one

I got all the messages, all the emails they did not go to spam, - was just cut and paste of links, never responded to my queries, was so frustrating. Glad Ive deleted this app and will find one that actually works

Tuhi Stationery Ltd
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Orbit heeft geantwoord 14 juni 2023

Hi there - I'm so sorry to hear you're frustrated. We've responded a couple of times over the past few days to your messages. If you aren't receiving them, can you check your spam folder? I'm sending you another response now, please respond ASAP! - Emily, Head of Support

3 april 2023

I cannot install this app on my theme. Customer support is slow. No chat is available. I tried to reach out by e-mail but the answer is not coming. I wasted an entire day trying to install this app.

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Orbit heeft geantwoord 3 april 2023

Hi! I'm sorry to hear you had trouble getting the app installed. Looks like we had a few emails back and forth before you uninstalled. I've followed up now to get you sorted out, please check your email and respond ASAP! - Emily, Head of Support

17 augustus 2023

This app no longer works for retailers who sell internationally and use Shopify markets. It is a huge shame as we have been using this app for 4 years and it worked well for us. However it has not kept up, and international retailers are unable to place orders if a store has Shopify Markets in place, even if you ask the customer to check out in your store's home currency. The app developers have confirmed this is a limitation of the app and have no timeframe for resolution. If you are a retailer who sells internationally, don't waste your time on this.

Lumiere Equestrian
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Orbit heeft geantwoord 18 augustus 2023

Hi there! I'm so sorry to hear you're frustrated with our current incompatibility with Shopify Markets. This is something our Product team is currently investigating to find a solution for. We'll be sending you a follow up email this afternoon with more detail on that, please make sure to check your email! In the meantime, I truly appreciate you sharing this feedback, it means a lot! - Emily, Head of Support

14 oktober 2022

Do NOT get this app unless you are ready for a bumpy ride. Customer service is slow and very unresponsive. If it does not easily connect with your theme and you are having issues, prepare to lose sales. Would not recommend!

Lion Wild
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Orbit heeft geantwoord 14 oktober 2022

Hello! Looks like we have been waiting on a response from you since our last message on Oct 3rd. I've sent you another response now, please respond to me ASAP! Thank you! - Emily, Head of Support

26 januari 2023

Poor customer service. So many glitches. Now all my thousands of custom prices have disappeared, causing much frustration amongst my customers.

Anne Sportun Fine Jewellery
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21 september 2023


Verenigde Staten
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16 maart 2023


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Orbit heeft geantwoord 17 maart 2023

I'm so sorry to hear you had trouble with the app. Our records indicate this was an error on Shopify's end. I've reached out to you via email with more information, please check and respond ASAP! Thanks! - Emily, Head of Support

15 februari 2023

L’ applicazione ha continui malfunzionamenti, attualmente il mio sistema di listini non funziona da 10 giorni, non ho avuto nessun riscontro con l’assistenza ne tanto meno un risultato, il mio canale di lavoro è inattivo da 10 giorni, tutti i clienti non possono accedere ai listini e non c’è niente da fare, senza parole

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Orbit heeft geantwoord 22 februari 2023

Ciao, ti abbiamo contattato per risolvere questi problemi e non abbiamo ancora ricevuto risposta. Controlla la tua email e rispondi il prima possibile! - Emily, Head of Support