Wholesale Hub

Wholesale Hub

開發者:Soul Theory

Tag-Based Wholesale Customer Management Solution To Grow Sales


Easy To Use Web Forms

Add 3 wholesale forms to your website instantly! Wholesalers can sign up themselves. You can also preapprove them! NO CODE SETUP.

Retail Map Embed Widget

Share a retail map of your wholesalers anywhere on your website! This makes it easy for visitors to find your products in their area.

Import & Export Data

Import and Export Wholesalers, Retail Locations and more! Know which wholesalers need to buy your products.

有關 Wholesale Hub


About this app

This app is PERFECT for merchants with wholesale customers they want to manage and those who need a tool for tradeshows and events.

Installing this app will:

  • Add 3 signup forms to your store instantly! 1 for standard wholesale signup (with pending approval), 1 for preapproval code signup (with a redirect to your storefront), and 1 for preapproval code signup for tradeshows (with a redirect back to the form)

  • Manage wholesalers by tags

  • Create a wholesale dashboard

  • Create an embed code where you can place on ANY Shopify (or external) web page to show a retailer map!

  • Create self-service pages for wholesale customers to add and delete their submitted locations for the retail map (pending approval by an admin)

  • Send emails directly through the dashboard when approving or denying wholesale requests

  • Segment wholesalers based on purchases over the last 30 days, pending purchases and more!

  • Search and filter map locations

Installation Steps

Once you install the app:

  • Watch the Onboarding video

  • Set Your Correspondence Email

  • Import Your Wholesale Customer Records

  • Add Retail Map To Your Store

We send out regular updates to the app! This is a must-have app for all Shopify merchants who want a turnkey wholesale process on their store automatically!


  • sendgrid,
  • google api,
  • google maps

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Wholesale Manager

每月 $5.99

  • Wholesale Signup Forms
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Retailer Map Embed Code
  • Bulk Upload/Export Tools
  • Order Analytics
  • Tag Segmentation
  • Customer Support

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