Wholesale Pricing Discount

Wholesale Pricing Discount

$19.99/月起。 21 天免费试用。
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4 条评论
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4 条评论

I installed the app and as far as I can see I just get one form for the wholesale customer to sign up and tags on the product page to identify who is a wholesale customer - in this respect the app is very expensive per month. Also very basic form to start with so took a lot of to-ing and fro-ing to get it how I wanted it and even now there is no scope to make the form page look that great. The customer service was responsive and helpful

使用应用的时长: 2个月

Doesn't track like Bold does. Also you get spammed with messages or the app asking for reviews each time you load it. Very annoying. Reported to the devs a few times and was even told I would be removed from the spam messages but I don't think that is possible. Not a bad app but I would go with Bold instead just due to more features. We will be migrating soon due to lack of extra shipping options too. Even though there are advanced shipping options it is very limited and can't even show a popup to say something like you will get an additional invoice for shipping or similar.

Taigen Tanks
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After 3 days of communicating with them, its finally done. I hope they focus and change on how they can better engage with their customers and be very clear and concise on their instructions given. Now i hope nothing breaks down. fingers crossed.

Pasar Segar | The Fresh Market
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I'm surprised there's not a single rating under 5 stars.

Look, I don't usually write reviews unless something needs to be said. I hope this review can help someone else out like me in the future - and maybe serve as a reality check to the developers.

I don't think this app is cut-out for custom designed themes. Working with the developers has been slow and they just couldn't get the details right.

Tags have appeared out of nowhere assigned to customers, or discounts have been suddenly enabled that shouldn't have been enabled, to name a couple issues.

I'm sure the app works perfectly if you have a basic Shopify theme, but the details matter with us. One mess-up here or there can cost thousands in a flash.

For that, we have suffered, but honestly, I think this app is still the best I could find. It just doesn't deserve 5 stars in my opinion.

We still use the app, benefit from its features, and so on. It's just not an "across-the-board" 5 star app.

There's a lot to be desired from the customer service - timeliness of the customer service, and quality of the app itself.

I've stopped reaching out to customer service because they ultimately can't get the issues fixed that we need fixed in a timely manner.

And I'm compelled to leave this review after an another unknown bug just cost our store a fair amount of money.

Tread carefully.

KISTLER Custom Fishing Rods
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