Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B

Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B

每月 $19.99 起。 提供免費試用。
可直接在 Shopify 管理介面使用
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使用Wholesale Pricing Discount (WPD),輕鬆設置和運營B2B批發店。WPD提供靈活折扣、自訂定價、分級定價、批發運費、自訂批發註冊表、賬期付款等功能。轉型為B2B批發店,助力業務增長,提高收入。立即使用我們的批發B2B應用開始批發銷售吧!

使用Wholesale Pricing Discount (WPD),輕鬆設置和運營B2B批發店。WPD提供靈活折扣、自訂定價、分級定價、批發運費、自訂批發註冊表、賬期付款等功能。轉型為B2B批發店,助力業務增長,提高收入。立即使用我們的批發B2B應用開始批發銷售吧! 更多
  • 特定客戶的百分比折扣(25%)或特定價格($72.39)
  • 為大宗購買的客戶提供體積/分層定價和數量折扣
  • 個別變體價格和體積折扣的大量導入/導出
  • 可自訂的批發註冊表單,以接受潛在的批發帳戶
  • 為客戶提供淨條款(淨30/60/90)以靈活的支付方式
可直接在 Shopify 管理介面使用







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$19.99 /月

  • 建立百分比折扣
  • 最低購物車要求
  • 基本運送

21 天免費試用


$39.99 /月

  • 個別變體定價(客戶特定價格)
  • 進階運送
  • 手動訂單
  • 淨15/30訂單
  • 批發註冊表格
  • 折扣碼

21 天免費試用


$49.99 /月

  • 折扣與購物車要求
  • 進階運送
  • 手動訂單
  • 個別定價
  • 淨15/30訂單
  • 批發註冊表格
  • 量價折扣
  • 大量導入

21 天免費試用


$64.99 /月

  • 企業版所有功能
  • Shopify市場支援(新)

21 天免費試用

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評價 (503)

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  • 3% 的評分為 4 顆星
  • 1% 的評分為 3 顆星
  • 1% 的評分為 2 顆星
  • 3% 的評分為 1 顆星

We were looking for an app that could split off different customer pricing by customer tags as well as allow for additional discounts to be applied. The purpose of this was to allow for employee, industry, and marketing discounts to be able to show pricing at the PDP & PLP level. They could then shop at their appropriate price level based on specific customer tags, rather than using discount code needing to be distributed and applied.

The app does accomplish what we were looking to do, but the customer service level of Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B app also is pretty great -responses generally get back within 30 minutes and are helpful.

There are a few small limitations and I do wish there were a few features that could be implemented (for example one feature I'd love would be that you can have "hidden" products that show based on the customer tag, but its not a full product page like what you'd normally see).

All in all, this app accomplished a lot of the requirements that we were looking to achieve. I'd realistically give this a 4.5/5 if this was possible as it isn't perfect, but does a very good job. I've been happy with the overall app performance and service behind it.

ENVE Composites USA
使用應用程式 6個月

This is an advanced Shopify app that allows you to customize many B2B options in your store. We have been using this app for several years and we are happy with its options and support. Special thanks to Shana from the tech support team and she did a great job fixing all our store issues. Highly recommend this app to those looking for advanced B2B options.

UK Arbortec Trade
使用應用程式 接近4年
Wholesale Helper 已回覆 2024年6月26日

We're so happy to be serving you these past 4 years and looking forward to growing together!

Let us know if you need anything,

Wholesale Helper Support


Overall, the app has been good for us. We also use their Wholesale Order Form app in addition which is the best way to make things work for our needs.

We have faced a couple of hurdles, but their team is fast to act and the quality of work is solid. Between our entire website being functional for retail and wholesale and their bulk ordering app for larger wholesale customers, it is a great combination for businesses with a lot of SKUs that want an automated system that works consistently.

Our wholesale customers don't have issues and the nominal coding issues we have faced have been resolved quickly and satisfactorily.

AA Medallion Store
使用應用程式 9個月
Wholesale Helper 已回覆 2024年6月26日

Awesome to hear that your utilizing Wholesale Pricing Discount and Wholesale Order Form to create an amazing ordering experience for customers!

Let us know if you need anything,

Wholesale Helper Support


Great support and extremely patient with our requests. Initially we were reluctant about upgrading the subscription for the extra features but with the support and functionality of the app, we're going to be upgrading for sure. Highly recommend it

Hommix UK
使用應用程式 1年多

This app is fantastic and perfect for our needs! We're able to tailor our customer experience for EVERY client with their Unique Individual Pricing feature. What's also great, is that the team is so easy to work with. We had a problem with one of our customers unable to see their unique pricing, and within 12 hours, Ahmed and his team had fixed the problem.

Highly recommend.

Dental Plus USA
使用應用程式 4個月


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Wholesale Helper

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