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I was excited to use this App but after trying to integrate with our custom theme, the App developers asked us to find another app as they were unwilling to solve the checkout errors this app was creating on our custom theme

Fasteners Plus
Website On-Demand 已回覆 2020年10月20日

Friends from Fasteners Plus,

Thanks for leaving this feedback. This is Sean, Success Manager with Wholesale Pricing Now.

I'm super sorry this turned out to be an issue we couldn't get to the bottom of. About once a year we hit one of these and I'm so sorry it had to be with your store. I reviewed your email string with our support reps and developer.

Looks like they had trouble recreating the issue, and it's a bit of a mystery.

We do have several other apps, and would be happy to comp one for you as an apology. This truly is rare and we would love to take 100% care of you in another way if possible.

Let me know? Any questions from here? Thanks for your understanding,

Sean H


This app has added a whole experience that only could be duplicated with manual code or Shopify Plus. Those two are not suitable for family owned businesses. I have changed themes to increase speed for non-app related reasons. Each time the support has gotten my wholesale account looking good and working when I had a installation problem fast! ACUMETALFAB.com

03/17/2023 – Update to my review. For the last few months I have had a script issue. I requested support and a collaborator request was submitted on Feb 1st. It took 21 days and multiple reminder emails on my end to get an answer. The actual answer, “That link that the Shopify mentioned does not seem to be coming from our app. Maybe they have previously installed another wholesale app before? Ours should be something like "wholesale-pricing-now"...

This was the type of error acumetalfab.com/cart?view=wholesale-now-cart&_=

My original review was in August of 2020. This review 03/17/2023. I have never had another app installed since my original review and just now had to uninstall this one. After removing all lines of code from this app, my store functions fine. Customers would get a script error and it would not display my website. Will be finding a new app now. I just felt that for paying for a premium app for years… they should have not to have been reminded SEVERAL times about looking into my issue, plus the answer I got was not helpful to my situation at all.

ACU Precision Sheet Metal
Website On-Demand 已回覆 2020年8月10日

Hello, friends from ACU Precision Sheet Metal!

Many thanks to you for leaving us 5 stars here! We sincerely appreciate it! We're glad we could be of help to you :-) Please don't hesitate to reach out with more questions you may have.

-Melissa & The Wholesale Pricing Now Support Team


I am finding it difficult to talk to someone about my issue. I keep having the same issue since I d/l the app. My product page does not reflect the update in my percentages etc. Please contact me by phone (808) 782-6506 anytime

Website On-Demand 已回覆 2020年2月3日

Hi there - we don't currently have phone support available, however we do have both email and live chat support available. It looks like our support agent replied to you on Nov 21st and didn't hear back. Please contact our support desk at support@websiteondemand.ca, and we'll be happy to help.


UPDATE: Went to 2 stars because I saw that they responded the emails I submitted. Not adding any more since the responses didn't fully answer my questions and the app is not user friendly. As an example, the discounts only show up in the cart not while the customer is shopping. Why would I want to show my retail prices first to a wholesale customer?

I have submitted 4 support tickets and no response (plus an original one several weeks ago). One ticket was just to see if they got the others. Very surprised based on other reviews. I am very disappointed. First the app doesn't do what it says it will then I can't get help. Another wholesale app bites the dust for me. :-(

Website On-Demand 已回覆 2019年6月7日

Hi again! Thanks for updating your review. In our responses to you, we were requesting access to your shop so we could investigate your questions further.

Wholesale Now CAN display wholesale prices on product pages, but we may need to tweak your theme to get that particular feature working - hence why we were requesting access ;)

Hope you'll try Wholesale Now again.

Hi there! Chris from Website On-Demand here. I checked our support system, and we responded to each of your emails but didn't hear back from you. It sounds like our responses got stuck in your spam filter. I'll email you shortly from my personal gmail and hopefully that'll get through.