Wholesale & Custom Pricing

Wholesale & Custom Pricing

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Wholesale, Discount, VIP, Tiered & Custom Pricing Made Easy!

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Wholesale Pricing on 1 Store

Offer wholesale, volume, custom & VIP pricing to your best customers without having to open a separate Shopify store

Upsell with Wholesale Orders

Wholesale Pricing Now encourages shoppers to spend more to unlock greater discounts with custom, volume & tiered pricing increasing your AOV

Wholesale Now Works Right Away

Wholesale Pricing Now is compatible with AJAX carts and doesn’t use discount codes or duplicate variants

Om Wholesale & Custom Pricing

The #1 MUST-HAVE wholesale pricing, custom pricing, tiered pricing, VIP pricing & volume discount pricing app in the Shopify App Store - trusted by over 4,000 merchants!

No need to create a separate store for your wholesale customers and friends & family VIP customers you want to offer special pricing to. Treat your VIP, B2B, or repeat clients like royalty - by giving them special wholesale, quantity, and bulk discounts.

  • Directly set wholesale prices for different customers on a per-variant basis
  • Works out of the box for most themes - no complicated setup
  • Enjoy advanced features like net orders and individual product pricing
  • Doesn't use hidden duplicate variants or discount codes

Auto-tag Rules

Automatically give customers wholesale discounts when they sign-up for a customer account without the wait!

Override Shipping and Tax Charges for Wholesale Orders

Prevent wholesalers from choosing free shipping while regular customers can enjoy free shipping all on one Shopify store.

Make wholesale orders tax-exempt with no extra steps!

Compatible with AJAX Carts Out-of-the-Box!

Wholesale Pricing Now is the ONLY wholesale app to offer out-of-the-box compatibility with AJAX carts in Supply, Narrative, Boundless, Brooklyn, and Pop themes.

Net 15/30 Payment Terms Feature

Net 15/30 Payment Terms feature lets you specify customers that can place orders on your site without going through the checkout

Motivates Your Customers to Spend More at Your Store

Wholesale Pricing Now's powerful upsell offers feature encourages shoppers to spend more and unlock higher discounts on product pages, and during checkout in the cart pages.

Features Available

  • Tiered pricing tables embedded directly on the product pages
  • Displays upsell offers to wholesale shoppers
  • Offer wholesale discounts on specific products, collections, or your entire store
  • Wholesale discount tiers can be based on dollar value or quantity - you can even set discounted prices
  • Multiple wholesale discount groups can be applied at checkout at the same time letting you offer the same customer different wholesale discounts on different products
  • Wholesale Pricing Now works right away - no waiting for theme edits

How Does Wholesale Pricing Now Work?

Create a wholesale discount group with the wholesale discount and the customer tag it should apply to

Choose whether to apply the wholesale discount to specific products or your entire store

Support for Wholesale Pricing

We're here to support your success at every stage of your custom pricing journey. Contact us and we usually respond same-day but we guarantee within 24 hours.

Start your FREE 14 Day Trial Now!

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  • 1 Discount Group
  • Your First Discounted Product Is FREE!
  • Basic Email Support
  • Complete Wholesale Experience
  • Completely Free



  • 1 Discount Group
  • 10 Discounted Products
  • Premium Email Support



  • 3 Discount Groups
  • Unlimited Discounted Products
  • Custom Shipping Rates & Tax Exemptions
  • Premium Email Support



  • Unlimited Discount Groups & Products
  • Custom Shipping Rates
  • Individual Product Pricing
  • Auto-Tag Rules
  • Net-30 Orders
  • Premium Email Support

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4.4 af 5 stjerner

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Seneste anmeldelser

Cutting Edge Products Inc Dev

We love the flexibility it offers since we sell wholesale, offer volumized tiers, and have terms with specialized pricing for specific customers. Plus, it works with our Net accounts in Quickbooks Desktop with Connex Bridge. Awesome customer service to customize my code since my theme is not listed in their default drop-down menu. Also, they were very informative with what works and doesn't to make my settings achieve the most potential for the customers.

Udviklerens svar

12. maj 2021

Hello friends at Cutting Edge Products Inc Dev

We really appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback and being so open with us! We wish you all the best on your e-commerce journey! :-)

- Melissa & The Wholesale Pricing Now Support Team

Fox & Wolf

I would not recommend. 2 months now I've been promised that the 60 day free trial would be activated, as it didn't activate in my account when added. So, I've been charged $54 for a app that should have been free. The customer service team have been told numerous times and each time I'm promised the manager will activate the offer. Now, I was told the credit would apply to my last bill. Again this month I've been charged. I do not recommend

Udviklerens svar

14. april 2021

Hi there,

We apologize for this.

The 60-day free credit will only be added to your store, provided you've contacted us right after you reinstalled.
Please contact us at support@websiteondemand.ca and we'll address this concern ASAP.

Ops Manager

MoSu Maison

WARNING! Do not use this app! The wholesale prices appear, and it shows customers what they should be charged, yet it charges them regular retail prices when they pay. This has resulted in a huge loss my store.

Udviklerens svar

14. marts 2021

Hi there,

We are so sorry about this. We've been trying to resolve this issue in a timely manner but haven't heard back from you. This issue can be of 2 things:
1) Incompatibility with other running apps
2) Minor settings tweak from our app

Please email us at support@websiteondemand.ca and I can guarantee you that this will get fixed in no time.

Ops Manager