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Really disappointing if you change themes they ask for you to pay for installation! MADNESS! Shocking.

Cali Tiger
使用應用程式 大約2個月

This app seemed like a perfect fit for our needs. We just needed simple discounting per product type for several different customer discount structures. However, running the Venture theme, we had nothing but issues. For issue was 80% of our customers could not check out. The checkout button was there but once clicked there was no follow-through. Second issue, since we had to delete the app due to the checkout issue, we then had several missing products from our catalog. How many is a little unclear at this moment as we have well over 600 items.

When connecting with their CS team, they wanted full access to our site which was not going to happen. In this day and age and the simplicity of this app there should be no issues.

Lunsford Racing
使用應用程式 6天
SolverCircle 已回覆 2020年4月3日

Hello there,
Thank you very much or taking the time to leave us a review, it helps us to evaluate where the things need to be improved. We are very sorry that you had a poor experience with certain feature and decided to go with a different app maybe, which we completely understand and respect.

Regarding your checkout button issue, since it works sometimes and also it had issues the other times at your store. So, to identify the issue our team needed to debug your theme code and find out what exact code was causing such inconsistency.

I see that our app specialists reached out to you and requested for collaborator access, which is very obviously needed in such circumstances to debug and resolve you issues. And shopify has developed this excellent feature of collaboration so that we could help you properly being within the certain boundaries. We only request for certain permissions, which are absolutely relevant to certain issues. Any merchant has to accept the collaborator access request to let the theme developer or app developer get in to their stores to improve the site or resolve any issues. So, all we would like to request is, please give us the chances to help you whenever you need, by at least accepting shopify authorized collaborator access for your products, themes, pages, etc.

Again, my apologies that this was not something that you found helpful. We hope that you have continued success with your other app, and should you ever want to try Wholesale Simplified again, we can look at having one of our specialists work more closely with you to get the issues resolved for your store properly.

Best Regards