Wholesale Quantity Breaks

Wholesale Quantity Breaks


Regular and wholesale tier prices. Fully customizable app.

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Wholesale Quantity Breaks 정보

The purpose of the app is to discount products and variants purchased in bulk. For each quantity break you can set either fixed price or a discount. You can create your own customer groups and set different discount breaks (tier prices) for them. For example, to provide better discounts for your wholesale customers.

The app design is fully customizable and can be integrated into any Frontend theme via adjustable jQuery selectors. Contact our support if you need assistance.

Display discount breaks as Table or as List.

Choose a design that better fits your site. Configure colors, margins, the table columns and texts.

Fixed amount or a Discount percent.

If you set a percent the discount will be automatically calculated based on the product's base price. You can combine the methods in the same product if necessary. The app provides a real-time preview. You will see what your discount breaks table will look like while you are still editing the prices.

Discount breaks for Customer Groups.

Create your own customer groups and associate customers with them. The app allows to create different discount breaks for different customer groups. For example, set some tier prices for regular customers and other ones for your wholesalers.

Configure tier prices for the entire Product or per Variant.

You can set discounts for specific variants only, or set them for all variants within the product at once.

Display how much customers will save.

The app automatically updates the product price when quantity changed. It also shows the amount the customer will save if the product purchased.

Clickable tier price table.

Customer can enter quantity manually or select one from the tier price table by clicking a row.

Virtual discount breaks.

You can create tier prices hidden on the Frontend, but still considered in calculations.

Set the default quantity for your products and variants.

Minimum and maximum quantity.

If set customers will not be able to add a wrong quantity of the product to cart.

Quantity Increments.

If you sell products in specific quantity steps you can set them using the app. For example, with quantity increments of 15, allowed quantities are 15, 30, 45, 60, etc.

Sliding Scale Tier Pricing.

If enabled the price will be calculated proportionally within the range. For example, price for 10 items is $50, for 20 items is $40. If customer selected 15 the price will be $45, i.e. equally between two breaks.

Translate texts.

You can modify all labels and texts displayed on the Storefront.

Integrated Help Desk.

If you have any questions or issues simply create a support ticket within the app following Apps > Wholesale Quantity Breaks > Support and we will respond shortly.

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  • For Products and Variants
  • Set Fixed or Percentage Price
  • Clickable Tier Prices
  • Table or List view
  • Texts Translator
  • Fully customizable design



  • "Standard" plus:
  • Customer Groups Editor
  • Wholesale tier prices
  • Default Quantity
  • Min/Max Quantity
  • Quantity Increments
  • Sliding Scale Pricing

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PE Skin Professional

Shopify automatic discount is not function when we use this apps. Kindly guide me how to solve this issue, this feature working fine on Single product page but not on cart Page

개발자 회신

2021년 6월 10일


The app works with automatic discounts and discount codes applied to "All Products" and "Specific Collections". It can't work with discounts applied to "Specific Products", unfortunately.

Best regards,
ITORIS support

Lab Filtration Papers

This app does everything you need, and the developers are quick to reply and have solved all of my issues. I recommend it!

Arica School

Really good app and tech support. We ran into some issues caused by another app and Roman provided excellent tech support, assisting us in resolving the issue.