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Wholesaler PRO

Wholesaler PRO

Developed by microapps

24 reviews
Price: $23.99 – $149.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Serve wholesalers and retailers within the same store. Fully optimisable Customer Pricing strategy guaranteed!
  • Apply different price levels for different wholesale groups. Unlimited amount of groups to get the most out of Wholesale
  • The only solution compatible with all Shopify Sales Channels!

Sell wholesale and retail within the same Shopify store. Unlimited customer groups with various levels of pricing.

No installation fees! No variant duplications!

Wholesaler PRO provides a simple solution for selling to different customer groups at different prices for each group. Get started now and generate HUGE profits from Wholesale. Create different Wholesale groups whether it is platinum, gold or silver set discount rates for each of them, assign wholesale customers to them and you are good to go! 60 seconds setup in total, that's it! Be one of those tens of thousands of Shopify stores which generated an enormous amount of profit thanks to Wholesaler PRO.

So far, if you wanted to sell the same products at different prices to different customers, you had to run different Shopify stores. Otherwise, probably you already tried some of the wholesale apps which were difficult to set up and generated issues with variants. From now onwards these problems are solved with Wholesaler PRO. Headache of setting the app up or paying extra fees for installations are gone and taken over by our best team of engineers. Our app developers worked hard to produce THE app which guarantees Shopify variants duplicate free for you. From now on you can lay back and let Wholesaler PRO and microapps do all the job for you!

Upgrade and optimize your Shopify store with Wholesaler PRO. Create as many discount groups as you like, apply the best fitting price strategy and guarantee your business boost!

Interested? Check a Wholesaler PRO demo store


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Wholesaler PRO reviews

24 reviews
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All looks well. The convenience is user friendly and waiting to experience to rest.


replacing my 500/m CRM with this product!!


Testing so far. will come back and leave a real review after i test


Promises to be installed in 60 seconds. After 6 days, I received the message that it can’t be installed with my theme. And even though I told customer service that I’m an experienced developer, still I got no support to adapt my theme to fit the app.
Maybe the app is good, I don’t know, but I wish support was more eager to have me as customer.


Milan and his team have gone above and beyond to service us with a solution that suits our needs. I highly recommend this app and this company if you are looking for robust support and an app that just works once it's set up correctly.


This company is amazing and their products rock! Super helpful and the response time is very quick! 5-stars! Thank you for making Shopify better!


Hopefully works well. Doing this for the quick install


Just installed... Hoping for a really quick install as other apps seem to take forever! This app seems great. We have a large wholesale side of our business and needed something reliable and that doesn't create variants that show on every channel.


great looks simple easy to use


So far so good! I promptly received a message soon after downloading the app that they would be customizing the code to fit my store. Less than 24 hours later, it was complete. I was surprised there was no quick tutorial to show how to set up customers, discount groups etc (I’m sure there is one on their site...I just expected one to automatically pop up), but after 5-10 minutes of playing around with it, it seems to be very user friendly and easy to use. Looking forward to using this at a trade fair next month.

$23.99 – $149.99 / month

Trusted by 20,000+ merchants
Highest rated Shopify App

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This app is FREE for partners and merchants to install in your dev shops while you’re building your store, or just to see if it’s a good fit.

7 days

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