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91 reviews
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  • Use one store to sell to your retail and wholesale customers. Your inventory ALWAYS synched!
  • Save time by having your wholesale customers place orders using your online store. Up to 4 different types of customers!
  • Grow your business by adding wholesale sales and distribution of your products. The most powerful Customer Pricing based Shopify app!

The most Trusted and Highest Rated Wholesale, VIP and special customer pricing app on Shopify!

Sell to different ranges of customers at different prices for each product within one only Shopify store

The only native Wholesaler - Customer Pricing Shopify App. Tens of thousands of Shopify stores have sold more than $200 million thanks to the Wholesaler App. The most tested and reliable Wholesaler App (been in the Appstore since 2011). The best team of engineers ready to help you jump to the Wholesale and multiple pricing world.

Until now if you wanted to sell products at different prices based on who your customer was you’d have to open various Shopify stores. Starting today this problem has been solved by the Wholesaler App.

Using Wholesaler app you can choose which customers have access to wholesale prices. These approved wholesale customers are the only ones that can see wholesale products and prices when they’re logged in.

Our admin interface makes it easy to approve customers (from your existing Shopify customer list) for wholesale access. Similarly, it's just as easy to choose which products can be sold at wholesale prices and what those prices are.

Wholesaler syncs stock between mother variant and child variant so you have always the same stock for the same product/variant.

Take your Shopify store and your business to the next level. Imagine how much inventory you can move with the help of other retail stores and distributors selling your products!

☞ Click here to see a demo


If you want to have the customer/visitor vs wholesaler experience, you just need to login at this store using the following credentials which are for a "fake" wholesaler.

URL: http://wholesaler-10.myshopify.com/account/login

login: bill.gates@microapps.com
pwd: wholesaler


If you want to see wholesaler backend, you can access this store admin by going here:

URL: http://wholesaler-10.myshopify.com/admin

login: wholesaler@microapps.com
pwd: wholesaler

Do you have some additional questions? Check Wholesaler FAQ here!

Wholesaler reviews

91 reviews
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  5. 1 star (4 reviews)

So far the Wholesaler App has been extremely easy to use and does not need any maintenance at all.

I will recommend you have the Wholesaler App team do the initial setup of your online store to make sure the pricing is correct across different customer levels. But for a basic wholesale platform this App kills it.

We have two tiers of wholesale pricing, retail pricing and three customer levels. This app allows for one more level of pricing/customers so we are set for a while.


It is providing me with an instant solution to my problem of not having tiered pricing levels. I recommend it for sure. Especially those that understand its features., even if you aren't an expert website builder. Very nice.


Very happy with the app and service from the team. Have been quick to respond to my questions and fix little issues I had inclusive in the setup cost.

Simple, easy to use app and from the testing I did before I went ahead its the best one I can see for the money if you are wanting wholesale pricing.


New to this, but I've received great assistance through this service.


In the beginning of use but have already strongy endorse the customer service of this app! Milan helped friendly and surely in the beginning. Happy co-working and greetings from happy customer ;-)


Wholesaler is really an AWESOME app! User -friendly and help me a lot to assist my wholesale customer. I have been through with different websites, only this time when I had read about this Wholesaler app, but finally, with my Shopify and this AWESOME, GREAT and user-friendly app we are able to provide an easy way for our wholesale customer to order directly and to enjoy the benefits of being a loyal wholesale customer.

Also, There customer service is FANTASTIC! Thank you to Edge and Milan. You did a great job. Thank you for assisting me. You are superb!

To all my co-online entrepreneur out there, if your planning to have a wholesale program to increase your sale and to reach your goals, WHOLESALER app is what you are looking for.


Wholesaler is easy to use and set up. The management thereafter is very simple.
The only frustration is that, when I tag my products on Facebook posts, it pulls the wholesale prices through instead of the retail pricing.
I would recommend this app.


Wholesaler makes it possible to have 1 shopify store with different pricing for Wholesale and Distribution. Their team is great to workwith and the process was easily implemented


Thank you.Great tool for beginners!



Free – $47.99 / month

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