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  • Easily create and manage a self-serve Shopify wholesale store
  • Sell your products to eligible customers at wholesale prices
  • Sync inventory, bill customers at ship time, and send invoices and payment reminders


Launch a Wholesale Storefront

Use WholeSell to launch a wholesale Shopify store and give your buyers a modern ordering experience. You can choose to grant access to only your preferred buyers. We do everything in between to make managing your stores quick and painless.

Make Wholesale Easy with Inventory Syncing and Deferred Billing

Easily track and update inventory across wholesale and retail channels and never go out of stock again. Bill your wholesale customers at ship time or on negotiated terms.

Manage Both Channels with a Single Interface

Use WholeSell to update products in both Shopify stores instantly. Send invoices and payment reminders with a single click to cut down on back and forth customer phone calls and emails. Plus you now get all of Shopify's detailed reporting and apps for your wholesale channel too.

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11 reviews
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Wholesell works very well for us! We tried a couple other inventory management apps/softwares in the past which were way more expensive and required way too much setup/training. This is simple and easy for everyone at the office to learn. 2 small suggestions for the developers which would make this app even better:
-In the Product pages, when we add in photos of the products, make it so we can arrange the order (1, 2, 3, men's first photo, men's 2nd photo, women's 1st photo, women's 2nd photo). Right now you can just set which pic is the primary but not the rest of the order. Would be very helpful to not have to jump back into both shopify stores and set the orders there twice.
-In the Orders, when we go to print an invoice, it'd be very helpful to not have to go back out to Account and account settings to choose whether we want to print the simple invoice (with no pics) or the full version including pics. I'd like to be able to decide this when I'm looking at the invoice I'm about to print as it depends on the customer whether I need to do the full version or not.
Otherwise, excellent app guys! Very happy with it.


Wholesell is seamless, easy and very intuitive. I thought I had to build out a custom platform to run my wholesale business, but this app solves many of the headaches for me. I can't recommend this enough!


I gave this a full try today and it took a while to realize it wasn't what I needed. It requires a second store be set-up in Shopify. Then, it really only benefits you when you sell the same items in both stores. We sell by case pack to wholesale, so there's no connection of inventory between the two stores. It just isn't practical for our business. The guide through set-up is nice, but it's a lot of hassle to make a second store just to use what can be done with a combination of other apps. EasyLockdown was the best (and cheapest) solution for us. We set up case-pack skus and only enable them to be viewed by customers with certain tags.


I installed the wholsell app yesterday and I had 2 issues.

First of all I entered a test api key for stripe and I have no way of changing it to the live api keys

Second, I would like to wipe all the products clean and re import them, there is no way of doing that either.

I contacted support, initially I got a response, but when I answered back 5 minutes later they went silent. Still hoping to hear from them shortly.

Besides for these issues, this app is a one of it's kind and deserves 5 stars!


You NEED this app. It's really the ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND. We use it to run the wholesale version of our store, Velvet Cloud Vapor http://www.velvetcloud.com - which provides really high end e-liquid for vaping, hand made in San Francisco.

Essentially this lets us, most importantly for OUR purposes, sync the stock because our retail shopify and our wholesale shopify. This is HUGELY helpful, it works really well, the support staff are amazing, and again - its the only app that actually works at sync the inventory between your two shopifys, whereas the rest are meant to sync from your shopify to other things like amazon, and trying to make those work for this purpose is a hassle.

Highly recommend WholeSell - seriously a HUGE time saver


The reason why I am giving the 5 stars is because of how helpful the team has been in supporting me. Any time I have a question they respond with detail explaining what the issue might be and how they can help. They are very quick to solve issues. The app works well. I have only had a couple issues with it and when I do have an issue the team resolves the issue fast. I would recommend this app.


We've been using WholeSell for a few weeks now and it's been great. We recently went to 2 separate websites for retail and wholesale after we couldn't find a good app to take care of inventory and pricing for different price groups. The support staff is knowledgable and quick to respond. Any issues we've had, they've solved within 24 hours.


Love this app! It was exactly what we needed to connect the inventory from our direct to consumer site to our wholesale site. Easy to set up, easy to manage and great customer service! :)


After trying almost all wholesale apps in App Store, I was very pleased the day this app arrived. Not only is it done in a very clean way (no extra variants, no extra discounts), but it also gives you some extra helpful features when processing orders. You will need a new shopify site though, but again this will let you turn this webshop to a wholesale site 100%. The focus is different for an end customer and a retail shop buying your products. The sync of data between the shops are working great.

The support from Wholesell.co is absolutely great! They listen to your requests, quick responses with good anwers. My wholesale shop is www.bycry.club. Note that you can only have 1 price pr product - and it is not possible to differentiate price on customer groups. Hopefully they will create a solution for this in the future if possible.

Thanks for this app, Matt and Jon!


Managing our wholesale invoicing and inventory has always been a big challenge and Wholesell is by far the easiest solution we've found. It's super fast to set up and the sync between the online store and wholesale store work without any issues. And the customer service is awesome! There isn't anything better if you are running your online store on shopify.

$29.00 – $49.00 / month


14 days

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