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27 december 2022

Horrible. It is not calibrated to work with digital products, and they should explicitly say so on the app page. I was offering a free digital product; no matter what I tried, it always wanted to charge shipping and tax. I tried to disable the app, but the bundles WOULD NOT GO AWAY. I deleted the app, and to my horror, the bundle offers were still there! I had to nuke my entire product page to eliminate it and build a new one from scratch. This app is coded horribly! Downloader beware!

Kyle West Books
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 28 minuter
Mat De Sousa svarade 27 december 2022

Hello Kyle, Mat here

Sorry for the experience you've had!

WideBundle does work with digital products or any product. It's in the shipping rates that it can be updated.

WideBundle needs to create new variants, so that's why you said the "bundle offers were still there". But you can recover your old variants directly from WideBundle when you remove the bundle you created.

Did you contact our support? Or did you check our Helpdesk?

The things you mentioned are explained in our Helpdesk articles, and our support could easily help you fix these problems for you.

If you want, you can contact us at support@widebundle.com (or the live chat in the dashboard) and we can easily fix these problems for you!

Again, sorry for your experience!


5 november 2022

There is no way to add a quantity break down on the offer. and customer service is nonexistent, the worst ever.

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 9 dagar
Mat De Sousa svarade 5 november 2022

Hello, you contacted us on November 3rd, and we replied immediately. We didn't get a reply from you.

2 days later you asked us how to do something on the app. We replied in less than 5 minutes.

At the same time you left this review saying our customer service is nonexistent and I quote you "The worst ever".

So I hope every Shopify App Support on this platform is as bad as us 🙏.

23 augusti 2022

-application pas très fonctionnel et intuitive au niveau des paramètres. -Le formateur explique son application en parlant tellement vite que pour des novices c'est pas évident. Il parle en oubliant que nous n'avons pas son niveau de connaissance et donc il serait intéressant d'adapter son discours... -Le niveau de stock des variantes ne peuvent pas être synchroniser ,si on a un produit qui est dans 2 packs différents. Problématique, car cela signifie qu'on doit acheter des packs qui prévoient des stocks déjà prédéfinie... -Si un produit est en rupture dans widebundle, l'application shopify ne fait pas barrage au client. Le client peut passer à l'étape supplémentaire, mais son panier sera vide. Ce qui porte à confusion. Le service après vente propose de mettre la mention "Sous condition de stock" pour prévenir les clients en cas de rupture. Honnêtement ca ne fait pas professionnel. Si on paye une application 10 € /mois c'est pour nous simplifier la vie...

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 9 dagar
Mat De Sousa svarade 23 augusti 2022

Hello !

J'ai pu voir avec cet utilisateur les différents problèmes qu'il a rencontré et ce sont des points que l'on va adresser dans les futures mises à jour (certains sont même déjà prêt)

Une nouvelle version de l'application sort très prochainement et les vidéos d'explications seront refaites en tenant compte de ces retours !

14 maj 2022

I have never seen such a pathetic customer support ever on any Shopify App. The guys is literally reading all the messages and not willing to reply to our queries.

Melangebox India
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: Ungefär 24 timmar
Mat De Sousa svarade 15 maj 2022


Sorry for the experience you faced

When we received your message we had 21 messages on support, we were replying to everyone

You say we saw your messages but we didn't, or we clicked not on purpose, we were just replying to people who sent messages earlier

We replied to your messages before seeing this review and we started to dig into your problem, we even had a conversation together

You then just uninstalled the app without any warning. We don't have anything about the fact you uninstalled the app but saying our support is bad with such bad words isn't true. Especially when support is our main priority

Anyway, sorry for the experience you had! Have a great day

28 januari 2022

I'm so mad at this app!!!!!
It completely massed up my google product feed and I lost all the reviews!!!! It's changing the item ID AND CREATING NEW VARIATIONS and ruin it all. LET CUSTOMERS KNOW THAT BEFORE YOU RUIN GOOGLE CAMPAIGN!

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 4 dagar
Mat De Sousa svarade 28 januari 2022


Sorry you faced this problem

But we do warn users that your variants will be removed in order to be replaced by WideBundle's variants!

And we do it not only once but during all the process

We even display a warning pop-up when you set up your offers!

We have in total 3 warnings, you can check them here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1L81ETGoiX8_JTPttCA21-6TuUGGQtG-d?usp=sharing

I'm so sorry for your google campaign, I really am, but how should we do it? We already have 3 warnings


20 december 2021

The App doesn't work as it doesn't load my store's products. I contacted support and no one was able to resolve my issue. I'm using Conversion BEar that seems to be doing the job.

Easy Whim
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: Ungefär 4 timmar
Mat De Sousa svarade 20 december 2021

Hello, I'm Mat, founder of WideBundle

My team didn't tell me about that, we fix every bugs, we'll get into your bug and fix that

1 december 2021

Bad app. I've been using shopify for years but such a badly made app has never happened to me. Just to create a couple of bundles is complicated and it bugs, also to edit active bundles is impossible. I wanted to duplicate the product with bundles so I could have 1 product page with bundles and another normal one but strangely enough it also duplicates the bundles in the duplicate page where it's impossible to edit from the app. Very bad. Not recommended.

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 9 månader
Mat De Sousa svarade 7 december 2021

Hello it's Mat

WideBundle doesn't work the same way as other Shopify Apps

We have a clear article that explains how it works: https://help.widebundle.com/en/article/how-does-widebundle-work-14zgl0h/

This allows WideBundle to create offers in a way other apps can't

But it has also disadvantages. It's harder to set up

But listen, our customer support replies really fast and is really helpful and 100% ok to help you configure the bundles

Did you reach out to the support? or didn't you?

By the way, saying this is a bad app is a bit hard, we've been working on it for more than a year now and we are really dedicated

I'm sorry to hear that from you as we are trying our best to make it a good app!

Anyway, I hope that you've found another bundle app that you like and hope to see you again in the future with something that you'd like more!

Have a good day,

Mat, WideBundle's founder

14 juni 2021

BEWARE. The first thing the app asks you to do is try out adding deals to a product with no other information. I chose my top product with 18 variants and played with adding a bundle deal. The app then DELETED all my variants and replaced them with 3 unusable options. Not only do I have to rebuild the product, it has screwed up all my custom code and tagged social media posts since they linked to my variant URLS. Completely insane.

Lemonhead LA
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 17 minuter
Mat De Sousa svarade 15 juni 2021

Hey, it's Mat, the founder of WideBundle

I'm sorry for what you experienced and I totally understand how you feel

I was a merchant and already deleted my variants (not on purpose) 😓

As Ogi said, we have many warnings in the app when you create the offers, we even ask you to duplicate your product first to make it work

But I understand that you probably didn't see it.. 😕 And I'm sorry for that

WideBundle has to create new variants to make the bundles work because we don't use discount codes (this allows you to give codes to your customers even if they bought a bundle)

But I just wanted to know, have you been able to add your variants back?

Hope it's ok now 😕


29 december 2020

Worst app ever! It destroyed all my variants and now I'm scrambling trying to re-create the product listing, putting the new url for my ads... all because i tried this app for 30 seconds to see how it looked! Do not download this, it will destroy your listings!

Viral Gifts™
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 18 minuter
Mat De Sousa svarade 29 december 2020


We are sorry to hear this

As explained on the app, WideBundle will create new variants on your product in order to add the bundle

When you setup WideBundle, we add many warnings about it and we also recommend people to duplicate their product first if they only want to try the app

So it doesn't destroy your listing as you said, it just replace your current variants with new one to make the app works

We do not change the url of your product, etc...

Did you try to contact the support?

29 augusti 2020

The application has completely ruined my product page, I strongly advise against it. There is a limit of 100 variants and they are all doubled or tripled with the application so it only takes a few sizes for the application to be non-functional. When I wanted to delete it, the variances remained and the application doesn't delete itself correctly which will completely damage your shop. To avoid ! My word experience with a shopify app on this store !!!

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 44 minuter
Mat De Sousa svarade 30 augusti 2020

Hello, it's Mat

I'm sorry to hear this

In order for WideBundle to work, we need to create new variants on your shop, this is the only way.

So when you use the variants generator, yes it will override your previous variants

The 100 variants limit is a Shopify limit, not a WideBundle limit, which means I have no other solution..

Because it creates new variants, if you delete the app, the variants will not be deleted (but everything else will)

Then, in order to get your variants back, yes it will probably take some time but your product page will not be ruined as you said

Again, sorry for this, it's the only way for WideBundle to work

May I help you with something else? Maybe I can help you to get back your previous variants?