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Wigify Affiliate Management

Wigify Affiliate Management

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  • Grow Revenue with an Affiliate Management Solution for your Shopify Store
  • Free to start - Fees only are paid if you make money.
  • Free Ad hosting, Wigify Store Listing, Order and Ad Click tracking reports.

Wigify is your Affiliate Management Solution to help grow your business

If you have ever wanted help in selling your products to your niche's top blogs, or websites, the Wigify Affiliate Program Management solution is for you.

Wigify gives you all the tools to recruit, manage and maintain your Affiliates.

Free to start using, you only pay when an affiliate makes an order

Wigify also tracks orders coming from ads, or links, hosted on your affiliate's blog or website. If a buyer clicks on their link and then successfully purchases something from your site, Wigify will get notified of this transaction and process what is owed to the Affiliate.

Wigify Affiliate Management reviews (8)


I agree, after the ownership change I could never log on, customer service was practically non-existent. I switched within a month. Never did access the data from that last month.


Looks like a company goes under major changes. No support at all and defects in the product even before any integration...Simply can not be used...


I installed this a while back and was excited about the program. Then it was purchased by another company and since then they have been very unresponsive and I have uninstalled it. Customer service is everything! Don't waste your time.


This app did so well last year and since the update I can't get anything to work. I've emailed 3 times over the last 2 weeks and no response yet which is the most frustrating part. I'm giving it another day and then I'm going to have to uninstall.


Wow. This is the pits. And all for only 20% of your payout. I was forced to give it one too many stars. Yes, I used it for some time and ran many sales through it.


If there was a zero star rating I would rate it so. I followed all the steps to the tee but very user unfriendly. Just don't understand how to get it to work. Will give it 2-3 days and uninstall it.


Could not get anything to work. When I asked support for help, they provided a different admin link than the default admin for the application but that link didn't work (produced all sorts of errors) and that issue was never resolved either, so after a bit over a week I have reluctantly decided to uninstall the app -- which is really sad, as all the other options for similar functionality are just so expensive.


Very good app, easy to set up. I'm already starting to get affiliates! I like the fact that we only pay if we make money.


Free to Join and start using.
Once your affiliates start bringing in orders, you'll pay 20% of what the affiliate makes.
E.g., You make $1000 from Affiliate Orders, and payout 10% ($100).

Your Fee would be $20 (20% of $100).

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