Wigzo ‑ Marketing Automation

Wigzo ‑ Marketing Automation

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Push, SMS, Email Onsite and Whatsapp, FB Messenger

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One app for all your needs

More than just analytics—handle all your store analytics, and do all marketing activities across multiple channels in one single platform.

Grow Your Subscriber Base

Grow your Subscriber base by deploying behavioral popups, capturing email and running drip sequence using our Visual Flow Builder.

Recapture Lost Sales

Use OnPage Notifications to nudge customers to take the next action. Measure success in terms of revenue generated and carts recovered.

Wigzo ‑ Marketing Automation 정보

Wigzo Analytics & Marketing Automation to track, analyze all customers/orders/products & personalize your entire marketing Including email, web push notifications, Facebook Messenger, On-Page Notifications, behavioral pop-ups, SMS and build customer Journeys from a single dashboard.

One app that can substitute 9 different apps.


  • Deep Shopify integration
  • In-depth analysis of all orders, customers, products, revenue, and attribution
  • In-built RFM Analysis for Smart Customer Segmentation
  • Use predefined segments to automate your marketing campaigns


  1. Visual Flow Builder to Build Customer Journey
  2. Facebook Messenger Automation + Broadcast to your Subscribers
  3. Web Push Notifications (Welcome + Instant Campaigns + Triggered Campaigns)
  4. Exit Intent Overlays
  5. Abandoned Cart Campaigns (Messenger + Email + Push Notifications + SMS)
  6. Add to Cart Popups
  7. Email Capture forms
  8. On Page Notifications (Triggered + Segmented + Segmented)
  9. Abandonment Analytics
  10. Recency Frequency Monetary (RFM) Analysis
  11. Double TAP SMS optin (Propreitory)
  12. Conversations app to manage your live website, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp customer chats in one place. Miss no lead ever again!
  • Making Marketing Automation Easy - Wigzo Automation Suite with web push notification, Email, SMS, and Facebook Messenger help to engage and retain web subscribers by sending them the right message at the right time.
  • Increased CTR - Wigzo's advanced Machine Learning Algorithm recommends products by tracking user behavior and products that might interest them to boost sales.
  • Browser Push Notifications - Wigzo's browser push notifications target every visitor who performed an activity on the website. Personalized notifications have now accounted for over 14% of revenue for an eCommerce store.
  • Adding Loyal Customers - Wigzo helps the users to retain more than 12% of existing customers by notifying them of the products or categories they were interested in. High-relevance notifications have a better CTR and add to customer lifetime value.
  • Increase your CLTV with in-built RFM analysis. RFM analysis helps marketers understand the experience of each individual customer segment in terms of their recent purchases (Recency), how often they buy from your company (Frequency), and how much money they spend on your products in each instance (Monetary Value).
  • Manage your Website, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp customer chats in one place with the Conversations app. Smart Chatbot Integration, Automated Template-based Conversations, Keyword-based Chat Automation Rules, and Agent-based Ticketing System


  • sendgrid,
  • twilio,
  • elastic mail,
  • active campaign,
  • facebook,
  • google analytics

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5$/1000 subscribers

  • Unlimited Web Push Subscribers
  • Unlimited Web Push Broadcast
  • Unlimited Email Capture



0.0085/SMS, 0.001/1000 Email

  • Unlimited Push
  • Unlimited Automations
  • Unlimited Email Capture
  • Unlimited SMS Capture
  • 100000 Email Credits
  • Complete Analytics
  • Insights



0.0085/SMS, 0.001/1000 Email

  • All Starter Plan+
  • Unlimited Emails
  • 799$ worth SMS Credits
  • 40+ Predefined Segments
  • Magic Link (SMS Optin via Instagram)
  • Campaign Support



0.0085/SMS, 0.001/1000 Email

  • All Growth Plan+
  • WhatsApp Manager
  • Recommendations
  • Dedicated Optimization Expert
  • Content Support
  • Dedicated Short Code and IPs

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4.9 별 5개 중

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Wigzo Marketing Automation is one of the best automation tool in the industry. The product is a one stop platform which has helped us integrate all marketing channels seamlessly. The best part of the app is the ability to track the analytics and performance of each campaign in the same platform. A special mention to Uday & Shubham from the customer success team who have been really helpful in getting all the aspects in place for us and also have been available all round the clock. Great going team! Highly recommend this app to scale your business.

Teal And Terra

Wigzo platform is one of the best platforms for your E-commerce marketing need. They handle everything smoothly including Push, SMS & email marketing, and much more, everything on one single platform. It is a great pleasure working with Wigzo. They are very professional and quick with their plan execution. Himanshu kanathe, my account manager is so loyal and dedicated towards his responsibilities. He has always put his best foot forward It feels like he is part of our team. We personally would refer him to collab with. I congratulate Wigzo to onboard such impressive performers. He is one of your biggest assets. All the best to you and your entire dynamic team.

Leader Bicycles

WIGZO Marketing Automation suite is one of the best products we have come across in search for a marketing automation tool. It has been consistently performing really well for us and has all the tools necessary to manage all your communications. Not only is the product very easy to use and understand, they also constantly add new features to help us reach out to our customers more effectively and with greater results. Along with the product, Uday from the Customer Success team has been very hands on with round the clock support not only for the product, but also helping us in effectively strategizing our campaigns as well. Great job WIGZO team (Specially Mr. Uday & Mr. Joy) and I highly recommend this product to all E-commerce platforms. Keep up the great work!!!