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Wigzo Web Push Notifications

Wigzo Web Push Notifications

Developed by Wigzo Technologies Pvt Ltd

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  • Segment your users and send Highly Relevant Notifications
  • Trigger notifications that engage and retain your customers
  • Personalize every notification you send to interest your website visitors

Use Desktop/Browser Notifications to Drive traffic back, Increase Sales, Recover lost cart, or Notify visitors of ongoing sales and offer.

A client of ours increased revenue by 25% using Personalised Browser Push. Read Case Studies Here

Wigzo’s web push notification help to engage and retain web subscribers by sending them the right message at the right time. They are bound to have better ROI than other marketing activities and account for a better CTR (Click Through Rate) and Conversion Rate.

Making Browser Push Easy

Increased CTR

Racing around millions of potential customers, online stores fall short in achieving the desired sales. To beat the fight, Wigzo’s advanced Machine Learning Algorithm recommends products by tracking user behavior and products that might interest them. Engaging visitors in personalized communication will help to understand their interests and yields up to 24% higher Conversion Rates.

24% Higher Conversion Rate

Every successful purchase adds to your store’s revenue. Marketers are pacing up with strategies that deploy numerous resources to bag successful conversions. Wigzo’s browser push notification have been carefully built and tested to target every visitor who performed an activity on the website. Personalized notifications have now accounted for over 14% revenue for an eCommerce store.

Adding Loyal Customers

Maintaining customer loyalty is a challenge when there is an extensive marketplace to hunt for a product. Wigzo helps the users to retain more than 12% existing customers by notifying them of the products or categories they were interested in. High relevance notifications have a better CTR and adds to customer lifetime value.

15 mins Setup

Integrating and setting up Wigzo’s automation suite is not more than 15 mins task. With no technical support, the user can download one-click plugin and get going with capturing the lost deals!

Start for Free

Wigzo is a one-stop-shop for all marketing automation needs. We offer flexible pricing plans based on the number of subscribers. Start for free and pay as you grow! https://www.wigzo.com/pricing.php

Wigzo offers some Smart Custom Tailored Campaigns that target to retain existing users while engaging the new ones - that ultimately boost revenue.

  • Browser Abandonment Push - Products viewed by a customer, but not added to cart can be notified of by nudging the viewer with a web push notification.

  • Search Abandonment Push - This will send event / time triggered notification to the people who searched for a product but didn’t add to cart or made a purchase.

  • Cart Abandonment Push - Visitors who added product to cart and didn’t make a purchase can be notified with browser push alerts to complete the purchase.

  • Price Drop Alerts Push - Subscribed users will be notified of price slashes of the product they had been interested to buy.

  • Segment Based Notifications Push - Website visitors can be segmented as active or inactive and can be targeted differently.

  • New User Onboarding Push - Users can trigger a welcoming push notification for every new registration on the website.

  • Inventory Alerts Push - Notifying people of the low inventory and creating a sense of urgency to make the purchase.

It’s easy to get going. Look how

  • Select - Select a campaign from the list of campaigns like Browser Abandonment, Search Abandonment, Cart Abandonment, Price Drop Alerts, Segment Based Notifications, Active/Inactive Users’ Targeting, New User Onboarding, Inventory Alerts and many more.

  • Setup - Tailor the campaign selected by filling in the details like push notification title, text, image, redirection URL etc.

  • Confirm - Confirm and run your campaign to see exceptional results.

Wigzo's Triggered Browser Notifications Do Wonders

Using WIGZO personalised & trigger based notifications the client was able to convert 33% of people abandoning their cart. And the client was able to retain 26% more users using Segmentation & Behavioural Notifications.

Be one of the first Shopify stores to benefit from the Wigzo Browser Push channel today!

Wigzo works across Web, iOS, & Android apps

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