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17. November 2020

Really nice app. price/performance ratio is top. support is very fast and extrely friendly. your problem will be solved very fast
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7. Juni 2021

Brilliant app, I use it for so much and have deleted other more expensive apps. The support is brilliant too, message received and sorted in less than 5 minutes!

HowCurious? Ltd
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16. Februar 2022

This is the only all in 1 app every used cause of the price point. I don't like to really worry customer service unless I really can't figure it out. Or it's not in my specialty. When I do contact them most of the time it's about css. And they are willing to help just as fast and easy as you chat with them.

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Codeinero hat geantwortet 18. Februar 2022

Hello to our friends from BREAKFADER

Thanks for the awesome review. We're so happy to hear that you are enjoying Sales Rocket. We go above and beyond to help every merchant and I am glad that we hit the mark for you. We wish you and your store great success!

Pushpesh & the Sales Rocket Support Team

11. Februar 2018

Seems to have helped increase our (still low but growing) conversion rates! Great app!

Sun Time Sunglasses Watches
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21. Januar 2021

I've used this app to perform multiple revenue increasing tools, such as bundling and in cart upsell. The dashboard is easy to use and the customer support is top notch! Highly recommend.

Sarah Cornwell Jewelry
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Bearbeitet am 8. August 2020

I actually can't quite believe how efficient all in one this is ,, after having tried so many app claiming to do a job well.... THIS ONE DOES ..MANY at once ! impressed and most definitely recommend ! ALL widgets work harmoniously together.

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30. März 2021

Someone is there at a moment's notice to help me configure and set things up that way I want it! Thanks Sales Rocket!

Arabella Baby
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14. Juli 2021

Overall the multiple 40+ apps in the APP have been amazing and we love it! Based on our store's test cases and business requirements, we managed to test in multiple scenarios and use some of these 40+ apps without any issue, except 1 issue found with the Volume Discount app and the issue can be reproduced. We have reported the issue to the Support Team and Mohit has been responsive and prompt in his replies via email and also via chat when online. In our back and forth discussions, it was understood that it is not an issue but a limitation (functional) within the Volume Discount app where the auto-generated Discount/Coupon Code is applied as per Order, regardless whether the configured setting for selected product items are listed or non-listed in the Volume Discount app. When the Volume Discount app is Disabled, everything works well and fine. However, when the Volume Discount app is Enabled, the non-listed product items must not be displayed in the Cart and Checkout page as the auto-generated DIscount/Coupon Code is still generated automatically causing error message stated as "Coupon Code not available" that requires manual removal in the Cart and Checkout page when an order is placed. We have requested a feature request to address the matter. It is understood Mohit will forward to the Development team as part of ongoing improvement plan. In view of the above, we would still keep the App and to use these 39 apps minus the Volume Discount and looking forward to enhancement to the 1 app in the near future. Thank you.

Life In Motion
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Codeinero hat geantwortet 26. Juli 2021

Thank you for taking your time to leave this review, we appreciate it, we're working on customizing the Volume Discount App as per your needs. We wish Life In Motion all the best :D

~Harish & Customer Success Team

27. März 2021

I am blown away with these guys so far! This app is way better than vitals! Customer support was INSANE ( responded right away and fixed my issue ) I will definitely be downloading the other apps from these same folks as well! I LOVE this app!

Luna Lucia Official Online Site
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26. November 2020

Super Awesome APP....We were using multiple apps earlier and spending hefty amount but after switching over to this app solved our purpose for life. Affordable and easy to use. Even the support team is prompt and they are always available for support. We are never switching away from this app for sure. Guys add more features and make this app the one stop solution for all.

Farmstay India
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