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Windows 8 App

Windows 8 App

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  • Turn your Shopify store in to a Windows 8 app that users can install on their PC or Tablets
  • Allow your customers to shop in unique Windows 8 style on a touch screen tablet or PC
  • Be one of the first stores EVER to be available in the Windows 8 App Store!

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This app allows Shopify store owners (you!), without any coding knowledge, to turn your Shopify store into an actual app for Windows 8 desktops and tablets!

It takes all your existing collections & products and automatically builds a Windows 8 app version of your store that your customers can then install on their desktop or tablet. This means they can access your store at any time with one click (or touch), providing a better shopping experience for your customers and increasing your chance of sales!

Best of all, your new Windows 8 App can be configured in less than 5 minutes with only a few clicks! You can customize the theme (colours, fonts, wording), and even create info pages. There is no liquid code to install and absolutely no programming skills required! Anyone can do it!

↓ Examples of some live store apps down below ↓

Why Windows 8?

Windows is the #1 most popular operating system in the world by a long shot. The latest version, Windows 8, has been totally re-vamped and is getting rave reviews!! If you’re not familiar with Windows 8, one of the key features is the new Windows 8 App Store that allows users to install apps directly on their desktop. This means that your store can be available to your clients with only one click!

One of the neat things about Windows 8 is that the apps work on all of their devices including desktop computers, tablets (the Surface RT and Surface Pro) and soon their Phones too. This means that the potential exposure for your store's app on Windows 8 is huge!

Why should you offer your store as an app?

Apps are just like stores, the longer they've been around the higher they rank. Thousands of apps are being added to the Windows app store every day, so the sooner you get yours in to start getting reviews and start ranking the better. The Windows app store is new and this is a great opportunity to be in a space your competition isn't! Why not install the app now to be ahead of the game!?

How does it work?

When a user installs your Store App it will appear on their "Metro" home page that displays every time they turn on their computer. This is essentially the new "Home Screen" for Windows users. As an installed app on their computer/tablet they don't even need to open a browser to visit your store, it's right there! This means your store will be in their face every day, every time they turn on their device!



✓ Customizable Design

After you install the app you'll be able to customize some basic theme settings such as colors, text, icons, banners, and logos. These settings will control how your app appears in the app store, and in the app itself.

✓ Shop and Share!

All the descriptions and images are pulled into the app so your customers can shop completely within the app itself. When they want to purchase an item they click "View Online" or "Buy Now" to add it to your regular Shopify store's cart. Your customers can search for products, share, Like, and even Tweet products.

✓ Special W8 Only Custom Pages

You'll be able to create special pages that will only appear in the app. This is great for running "App Only" specials and promotions. You can also customize welcome pages, contact pages and much more just for your app!


Features Coming Soon:

✓ Full Shopping cart integration

We are adding an enhancement that will allow customers to have a full shopping experience in your app. They will be able to add items to their cart, keep shopping, review cart, and eventually check out. Shoppers can buy with the current version, the only difference is it currently requires the products to be added through Shopify right now.

✓ Live Tiles

Live Tiles are the square or rectangular icons that represent your app in Metro view. We will be adding a full integration with Windows Live Tiles so you will be able to do cool things like offer a deal of the day and promote it on your shops Live Tile, send special messages, and much more.

✓ Special Notifications

Alerts and Badges are also something you will be able to push to Live Tiles in the future. Similar to how your email icon has a number on it representing how many messages you have, your store's live tile might have something on it like how many items of your daily deal are left in stock, new items added today, or anything else you want to promote.

✓ Semantic Zooming

Utilize the semantic zoom feature of Windows 8 touchscreens to zoom in and out to see one, or all, of your stores products in seconds.

✓ 3rd Party Apps

We'll be adding integrations with third party apps.

✓ Custom Themes

Currently you can control all the colors of your app, but the theme style itself is fixed. We are adding a number of themes that you will be able to choose from to make your store unique.

This is the first application of its kind that allows store owners to turn their store into an app. It's a great way for you to get a leg up on your competition!

Here are some examples of awesome stores that already have got their store published!

- The LED Shop!

- Pop Culture Spot

- BeBe2Go

- Publik

- Rokland Long Range WiFi

- Bee Hive Climbing WiFi

You've got nothing to lose, it's FREE for 30 DAYS!


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