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Yappn Translation System

Yappn Translation System

Developed by Yappn Canada Inc.

10 reviews
Price: $14.95 – $149.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Quick and easy translation available in up to 67 languages
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud to ensure security of data, scalability and global reach
  • Custom trained Shopify terminology engines deliver superior machine translation

Yappn Translation System automatically translates your entire e-commerce experience.

We are always ready to help and answer questions contact us at:

How it works:

Yappn auto-detect translation technology determines which language the users browser is set to, and provides content in that language.
Our technology optimizes language translation through all avenues, including translated meta data so that your content is SEO optimized for different search engines.
Yappn takes traditional machine translation and applies a set of algorithms to improve translation.

The Yappn Translation App has a number of unique features that will help you easily add languages to your eCommerce site and grow your business:

Automatic Language Detection and Selection:

The Yappn technology automatically detects the language setting in the browser and then presents the store in the user’s preferred language – or - the user can use the language switcher to change the language.

Translation flows to the checkout:

Yappn has worked with Shopify to ensure that the translation experience is seamless and works all the way through the checkout process. Most eCommerce sales are lost during the checkout process so it is critical that you deliver a consistent and reassuring experience for customers.

Easy Editing superior translation:

Yappn provides an easy to use search and edit platform that has been imitated by our competitors. What they haven't been able to imitate is our superior machine translation. Yappn does not simply port Google or Microsoft translation through to your store but instead provides an enhanced translation trained on millions of words used in the eCommerce world.

Manage your products in one language and sell in as many as you like:

The Yappn Translation App allows you to manage a single set of records in the language of your choice. This means that if you are selling in three different languages, you don’t have to maintain three different records of every product (or if you are selling in ten you don’t have to manage ten!)

World class and around the clock customer service:

Yappn is always on standby to answer any questions you have, simply email support@yappn.com

The future of eCommerce is global. Let Yappn help you service new customers, reduce cart abandonment rate, and open doors to new markets and increased revenue.

Yappn Translation System reviews

10 reviews
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The app seems to be nice, but the pricing is not good. We want to try multi-language. But if we would translate our store + some languages it cost too much.
I think the current model is not success-promising.


The pricing is very misleading. It is $29 for 2 languages, and $599.95 for 60+ languages. I uninstalled after a few hours of setup.


Unfortunately this does not meet my needs. Although it is REALLY easy to translate your whole store with a click of the button it is just no way near the translation of a real person. I think because the text I have on my website is complex the resulting translations actually make no sense.
I had to write this review to offer some balance to the all 5 star ratings as this drew me in but has not been my experience. The algorithmic translation is just not good enough.
So, before you go spending a lot of money on a whole load of languages (which I so nearly did!) just get it checked first by a native tongue.

$14.95 – $149.99 / month

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30 days

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