WinningDSer ‑Easy Dropshipping

WinningDSer ‑Easy Dropshipping

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Automated Bulk Import

Import & source AliExpress products to your store just one click without using any plugin. Bulk importing speeds up work efficiency greatly.

Accurate Positioning

Filter useless products. Set multiple conditions according to need. Create a tailor-made importing products list to meet your exactly needs.

See the Trends

Make informed decisions. keep a constant watch on trending and winning products with our reliable database and AI algorithm technology.

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About WinningDSer

WinningDSer is a dropshipping app working with AliExpress. You can add products to your store directly. WinningDSer will save you much time and effort, and make your dropshipping business more efficient to scale bigger than ever before! Also we provide hot and new products according to our AI algorithm and research for your reference!

Import products into different group

Importing your products from AliExpress into different groups. You can map groups to different stores or different catalogs, so you can manage your product importing in good order.

Multiple Shopify Stores Manager

All of your stores could be managed with one account. It is convenient just one click to switch them.

Find the product you like

You can set multiple filters when you search the product. The Products that did not meet the requirements will be filtered. You will find your product more efficiently. WinningDSer will save you much time!

Help you find inspiration for selection

WinningDSer shows multiple metrics about products. You can see the products' score, wishlist, sales, reviews, 7&30 days trends, hot products and new products in our home page directly. WinningDSer helps you find inspiration when selecting products.

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5.0 stelle su 5

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The App is so great,I like it very much! It recommends me very interesting prooducts and saves me much time!I love it and i will tell my colleagues!

ColorLulu Jewelry

The products which pick through this app are definitely what i want . By the way , very easy and quickly to import the products to my store