Get visibility into what's happening on your store

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For the curious

Get raw access to information shared between Shopify and installed applications.

For the worried

Keep a log of everything that is happening on your store.

For the nerds

Search, filter, and discover trends and anomalies through the powerful search engine.

关于 Wiretap

Wiretap is nothing but a visualization tool for events occurring on your store. It is a learning tool to help you better understand the inner workings of the Shopify platform.

Select the event types you wish to track. As they occur, they will be recorded and viewable via the "View Events".

How it works

Wiretap is powered by Hooklys, a service which enable events routing and analysis. Once connected, the infrastructure will work together in order to provide you additional insight over what happens behind the scenes.

  • Explore information shared with installed applications
  • Keep track of historical data
  • Monitor and search through past events
  • Deep dive into the fine interaction details

Whether you're curious, worried, or simply a big nerd, Wiretap is the window into the inner workings of your store data pipeline.


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  • wiretap@hooklys.com



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