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  • Quickly sell your products to up to our 200M shoppers
  • Easy integration with effortless order fulfillment
  • Your products will be automatically targeted to relevant customers

Wish is a mobile shopping marketplace that boasts 200+ million shoppers globally. Every day 5+ million customers open our app to shop for products in the most personalized shopping experience on mobile. Wish is the top mobile shopping app in the US and Europe and growing at 250,000 new users/day. We offer sellers with the following opportunity:

  • Exposure and profit from Wish's 200+ Million global shoppers

  • Engagement between your product, brand, and customers

  • 5+ Million daily active shoppers

  • A changing demographic of 250,000 new shoppers per day

  • No monthly, listing, or promotional fees

Do not lose out on the mobile commerce revolution. Upload your products and let Wish's recommendation engine find the right shopper for your products.

How does Wish work?

- Upload your products onto Wish and manage or edit them at any time through your Shopify account.

- Make sales. After being uploaded and approved, your product will reach millions of relevant consumers who can view and purchase through their mobile devices.

- Ship quickly & efficiently. Merchants receive instant order notifications. Package your products and ship it out to the consumer quickly to ensure a great consumer experience.

- Get paid. Receive payment in regular intervals through one of our three payment partners: Bill.com, Payoneer, and PayEco.

App Features

- Upload your products. You can import your Shopify product listings to Wish with just one click! You can upload all of your Shopify products listings at once or select just a collection to upload.

- Manage your products. You can automatically sync your product information from Shopify to your Wish store including, but not limited to: inventory, images, product titles, product descriptions and more.

- Sell on Wish, fulfill on Shopify. Any orders you receive on Wish will be shown in your Shopify account and any orders you have fulfilled will be automatically synced to Wish for easy and efficient management.

More Questions?

See the specifics on how the Wish app works here!

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ or email us.

By installing this app, you agree to Wish's Merchant Policies and Terms of Service.

Wish reviews

17 reviews
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I installed this app 2 months ago and I have 5000 products in my store and only 100 products have been published.
I tried to contact them like 20 times but getting an automated email that We don't have expected time to upload your product.
I am unhappy with the services.


Do not use this app on shopify!
When you open this app on shopify and then go to wish website,it will automatically log your account without password.This is dangerous.
If you have multiple wish accounts,these account may have the risk of being linked! And if someone knows your shopify username and password,they can access your wish account easily and even change the password!
NOT recommended!


WISH has been an awesome platform for a small business like ours. It has many advantages and the best part is the staff is very helpful.


I love this app. Yes, it does take some time for products to be accepted. However, I have found this to be true on almost all of the venues that I sell on. I have also found support to be very helpful and always responds in a quick manner. My sales have been gradually increasing since I started using the app. In terms of the percent that they take, I have also found that to be in the same range as other venues that I use.


Totally useless and a complete waste of time and effort


Useless. Half your products will not even show on wish, the ones that are transferred are reviewed by wish which takes ages!

I kept getting messages from wish saying my payoneer account is no longer active, I check payoneer and everything is fine, so I reconnect. This keeps happening over and over again and after waiting 5 days for a reply from wish, they blame payoneer. Its not payoneer that's disconnecting it, its wish!!

Don't even bother trying to message wish for support, takes 3-4 (sometimes longer) to get a reply from them, and when you did get a reply its an automated, no help to anybody, reply.


So far ive experienced a connection issue which would take exactly 1 minute to fix from their side. Since they reply on 1 out of 4 emails and it takes 14 days to reply, AND I have to reply as well because they didnt fixed it lol well its another 14 days before they might fix it. So 28 days total for a 1 min thing to fix, we shall see it they can do it. Will give a review update if they fix it and drive me sales.


App works perfectly to sync inventory and easily push products to be listed. Takes a little while to get products approved but this is no different than waiting for your products to get listed on Jet. Thanks for finally releasing this integration!


Dont Working system I add products but couldn't synce to wish


Constantly changing the rules.

Even though they have a list of the products that they don't allow on their website in reality that list is fake.

Our account was suspended due to having products that are not allowed on Wish. We sell coffee, nothing illegal, or banned by their own rules.

We appealed with their support and asked to point out where in their terms, conditions or rule it is stated that our products are not allowed. They responded that they constantly review products and don't allow them regardless of the rules that they have.

Now reading through current reviews we believe it's for the better that we were cut off at such early stage. Could be much worth if we were to deteriorate the relationships with our dear customers because of this shady marketplace.


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