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  • Quickly sell your products to up to our 200M shoppers
  • Easy integration with effortless order fulfillment
  • Your products will be automatically targeted to relevant customers

Wish is a mobile shopping marketplace that boasts 200+ million shoppers globally. Every day 5+ million customers open our app to shop for products in the most personalized shopping experience on mobile. Wish is the top mobile shopping app in the US and Europe and growing at 250,000 new users/day. We offer sellers with the following opportunity:

  • Exposure and profit from Wish's 200+ Million global shoppers

  • Engagement between your product, brand, and customers

  • 5+ Million daily active shoppers

  • A changing demographic of 250,000 new shoppers per day

  • No monthly, listing, or promotional fees

Do not lose out on the mobile commerce revolution. Upload your products and let Wish's recommendation engine find the right shopper for your products.

How does Wish work?

- Upload your products onto Wish and manage or edit them at any time through your Shopify account.

- Make sales. After being uploaded and approved, your product will reach millions of relevant consumers who can view and purchase through their mobile devices.

- Ship quickly & efficiently. Merchants receive instant order notifications. Package your products and ship it out to the consumer quickly to ensure a great consumer experience.

- Get paid. Receive payment in regular intervals through one of our three payment partners: Bill.com, Payoneer, and PayEco.

App Features

- Upload your products. You can import your Shopify product listings to Wish with just one click! You can upload all of your Shopify products listings at once or select just a collection to upload.

- Manage your products. You can automatically sync your product information from Shopify to your Wish store including, but not limited to: inventory, images, product titles, product descriptions and more.

- Sell on Wish, fulfill on Shopify. Any orders you receive on Wish will be shown in your Shopify account and any orders you have fulfilled will be automatically synced to Wish for easy and efficient management.

More Questions?

See the specifics on how the Wish app works here!

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ or email us.

By installing this app, you agree to Wish's Merchant Policies and Terms of Service.

Wish reviews

25 reviews
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Terrible selling channel, they refund without giving your a chance to review it, every item we sold was refunded.


The app itself is a good idea but selling through wish.com has been a nightmare. Item is a day late = full refund, item doesnt fit = full refund, buyer wants to ask a question = full refund.....this has given us a refund rate 10x of that we see on any other platform.
They also hold onto funds for 90 days, have awkward shipping policies that can't be edited by country and product (just one or other)
And have specific shipping carriers and services you have to use which varies by product value and country you're shipping to!
this is topped off by appalling customer service and no process or appetite to accept merchant feedback.
Good Luck out there!


Since with Wish for past few month. None of the products was sold. Bad service and selling experience.


I been working with this app for months now and not one of my items as been reviewed and published yet.

They keep denying my account saying Intellectual property issues. But the products there are referring to have long since disable on their side. and disable and deleted on my side. But the items are still showing up and their side

There is a bud in this app that can't seem to be fixed.

I asked how long before the issue get resolved and they can't give me a time frame.


** BEWARE **

So far, so terrible. Takes forever to get stuff approved if it does at all. They hike up the prices and charge their own shipping charges which inflates the 15% commission they take. Merchant Support is non-existent practically. I will be taking my business elsewhere as the amount of horror stories and my experience thus far is falling in line with all the negative reviews.


Do not use this app! wish took 400$ of my funds to standby (as they claim) i am not sure if i ever see this money. for 3 months. for no reason. you have been warned


garbage app garbage support. useless junk you dont need to waste time with.


bad service. what a waste of time.


Wish.com is for Chinese sellers selling cheap Chinese crap. If you are selling anything with a brand-name or over $10 USD, you will soon find that you will have all sorts of problems. Do yourself a favor and forget about wish.com.


I installed this app 2 months ago and I have 5000 products in my store and only 100 products have been published.
I tried to contact them like 20 times but getting an automated email that We don't have expected time to upload your product.
I am unhappy with the services.


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