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  • Quickly sell your products to up to our 200M shoppers
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Wish is a mobile shopping marketplace that boasts 200+ million shoppers globally. Every day 5+ million customers open our app to shop for products in the most personalized shopping experience on mobile. Wish is the top mobile shopping app in the US and Europe and growing at 250,000 new users/day. We offer sellers with the following opportunity:

  • Exposure and profit from Wish's 200+ Million global shoppers

  • Engagement between your product, brand, and customers

  • 5+ Million daily active shoppers

  • A changing demographic of 250,000 new shoppers per day

  • No monthly, listing, or promotional fees

Do not lose out on the mobile commerce revolution. Upload your products and let Wish's recommendation engine find the right shopper for your products.

How does Wish work?

- Upload your products onto Wish and manage or edit them at any time through your Shopify account.

- Make sales. After being uploaded and approved, your product will reach millions of relevant consumers who can view and purchase through their mobile devices.

- Ship quickly & efficiently. Merchants receive instant order notifications. Package your products and ship it out to the consumer quickly to ensure a great consumer experience.

- Get paid. Receive payment in regular intervals through one of our three payment partners: Bill.com, Payoneer, and PayEco.

App Features

- Upload your products. You can import your Shopify product listings to Wish with just one click! You can upload all of your Shopify products listings at once or select just a collection to upload.

- Manage your products. You can automatically sync your product information from Shopify to your Wish store including, but not limited to: inventory, images, product titles, product descriptions and more.

- Sell on Wish, fulfill on Shopify. Any orders you receive on Wish will be shown in your Shopify account and any orders you have fulfilled will be automatically synced to Wish for easy and efficient management.

More Questions?

See the specifics on how the Wish app works here!

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ or email us.

By installing this app, you agree to Wish's Merchant Policies and Terms of Service.

Wish reviews

37 reviews
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This app is probably the best one if you want to make almost immediate sales. I spent a lot of money on Facebook and Instagram ads with almost zero sales before linking Wish to my store. Wish actually does the advertising for you, if you have ever seen a Wish advertisement on Facebook this is them trying to promote a merchant's products just like yours, they advertise for you! Moving on...If you read the negative reviews below you will see that most people had issues with shipping, payment, refunds, and the % commission that Wish takes. I will outline these issues here:

Once you make a sale you MUST mark the item as shipped and provide a tracking number with a valid carrier within 5 days of the sale. If you do not do this Wish will refund your customer and this will goes against your 'refund ratio' - this ratio MUST be 8% or below in order to avoid your account suspension for 3 months! This is where I had one of my first issues, I do not agree with, what seems to be, a blanket refund policy on Wish's end. I had 5 items refunded but all for various reasons, one of which was a customer complained about a product that they, and I quote, 'really liked' but they complained about the size (which was clearly stated in the description) but Wish refunded the money to the customer without any recourse from them to return the product to me! I did have my account suspended due to a high refund ratio but I go it back online by explaining each refund separately.

IF YOU ARE DROP SHIPPING FROM CHINA - take note of any Chinese holiday and place your Wish store on Vacation mode for the duration of the holiday - chances are any sales made during this holiday will get refunded because you will not be able to provide tracking until the supplier is back from the holiday - this is where 2 of my refunds came into play - I was unaware of the Vacation Mode.

Your item will not be eligible for payment until Wish confirms delivery OR you will have to wait 3 months for payment. Make sure you are checking your tracking numbers making sure your items are reaching their destination(s). If a tracking number isn't work properly on the Wish 'shipment details' then I would send them a message asking them to confirm delivery. I am having this very issue with them right now, an item was shipped with DHL - it arrived Nov 2 - DHL says it has arrived and signed for but Wish only shows processing order with no update since Oct 28th..they seem to be very slow in the customer service department. I have sent 2 message with no response as of yet.

So now you have made a sale, the delivery went through and payment from Wish to you is on it's way. Now, depending on where you are located ( I am in Canada) the payment processing will be different. I have to receive a printed check from Bill.com (they do not provide Paypal payment for me). Wish processes payments twice a month, off the top of my head I think it is the 7th and 21st of each month. Again, depending on where you it may take a bit of time for you to receive payment for a sale you made a week or 2 ago. For me being in Canada it can take up to 30 days to confirm payment plus another 14 or so to get the actual check in my hand. Make sure you have good cash flow or a higher credit card balance if you are drop shipping as payments are quite slow.

Carrying on... Wish does take a 15% commission off the sales price. Also, once an item is up for sale they may increase the price a bit and add shipping costs which doesn't always seem right but I think they do it to offer 'discounts' to customers and entice the 'deal' they are offering. 15% isn't far off from eBay. If you have ever sold on eBay they take 10% plus Paypal takes their cut of around 3-4% so the commissions are similar. Both platforms are commission heavy but if your store is new then you will probably be spending a lot on facebook/google/instagram advertising anyway which will way out cost any commissions from these platforms. So if you want to make sales on Wish make sure you are taking into account the 15% commission.

Overall, I wasn't too happy with Wish in the beginning, specially when it came to customer refunds and my store being suspended. But as you learn their policies and learn from me ;) you should have no problem making sales within the first 30 days. It worked for me and I made over $1000usd in sales in the fist month.

Tip for drop shippers: keep your items limited at first, it can be tempting to upload 10,000 items at once but if you do this I guarantee you will run into issues if you are not familiar with Wish. I would limit items to around 200 products at once and use reputable suppliers who ship and provide tracking fast (preferably within 3 days) and ALWAYS use ePacket shipping or better!

Up until now I would have also given Wish a 1 star or worse if I could but I really can't complain as I have made REAL sales within a small amount of time!

I hope this helps you, if you have any questions please go to my store and contact me from there. www.gadgetsplusmore.com

Thanks and happy selling!!



stay away from this horrible sales channel. you'll regret.


Absolutely HORRIBLE sales channel. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT USE THEM. They refunded a customer while allowing them to keep MY product, and never paid me. They are absolute scammers and you will NEVER get paid. 90 days to get paid is freaking ridiculous. Even if the delivery is confirmed. STAY AWAY FROM WISH.


Don't waste your time with Wish, unless you "wish" to be ripped off. They will refund your customers at will, and shut you down for no good reason and hold your money. They change your prices and also add shipping charges, even though I offer free shipping. You will wait a minimum of 60 days to get paid, that is unless they decide to hit you with an infraction and not pay you at all. Feed is not updated, and they will take months to review all of your products, then sell something that you haven't had in 4 months, and give you a warning, or shut you down because you have to issue a refund. It's really ridiculous and frustrating. I wish shopify wouldn't bother offering this ripoff sales channel.


Um Bando de preguisosos, cheios de frescuras, só pensam em 15% deles to fora, este apricativo não vale uma bos ta, vagabundos!!!!


Hi fees, no customer support, they added on shipping costs when i dont charge as i deliver from China. Take 90 days to pay if delivery is not confirmed. My customers delivery is with the local post office for collection but still no payment from them.Download your products so they get ranked for the search engines for a week or two then delete them all and dont bother. Look up the complaints online from customers that ordered from them.

2nd Update: 16/1017- I received an email from my customer stating they had received the delivery 3 weeks ago and they were happy. I forwarded this is to the email <hk_merchant_support@wish.com> and received a reply which i read on my mobile. I say reply as it vanished as soon as i opened it but managed to catch that the details need to be added to Wish online under my account. I have just come home to look on my email Zoho and the email from my customer has been deleted which said they received the delivery along with the email i briefly read. They are using some sort of software to destroy the emails as ive looked all over my deleted items and the full email trail has disappeared. DO NOT USE OR DOWNLOAD ONTO YOUR SHOPIFY THEY ARE A BUNCH OF CROOKS. Im trying to deleted the 1 star and give them none but i cant. I repeat they are a bunch of crooks so stay away. They owe me USD180 so i will have to now wait 3 months to get paid. Please steer clear you dont need this hassle. Im deleting as soon as i get paid and if another order comes in i will not send to the customer.


never loaded my product here and they are selling my items without me knowing.


HORRIBLE App. Sold products took FOREVER to get paid. Get Infraction notices daily for Brands when all it was was a word or two describing the items sold. Nothing to do with representing any brands. Then when they do post one that they let slip thru thier scrutiny and it sells they refuse to give you your money even after the item shipped customer recieved it and loved it. They straight up STOLE money from me!!!


Not worth your time! the platform is complicated to set up and once you done all that work sales are literally ZERO for weeks and then you MUST advertise to get any order. Such a ripoff!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.


Must to avoid this S***t sale channel, they will charge you high fees, you cant contact your customers and when they want to get refund they will automatically refund the customer without get back your product, no returns rules and you get pay very late.

By far the WORST MARKETPLACE.don't waste your time


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