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Wishl Favorites Wishlist

Wishl Favorites Wishlist

Developed by ShopStorm

31 reviews
Price: From $7.99 / month Free Trial: 15 days More info
  • Let shoppers start a list with their favorite products in 1 click
  • Know which products and variants your customers want
  • Works on computers & mobile devices (smartphones, tablets/iPad)

See how the app works at the Favorites Wishlist demo shop!

To see how the app works for a logged in customer with multiple lists, log in with email: wishl@lucaslessa.com / password: demo123 — then visit the wishlist page

Easy for your shoppers — works on mobile, too

Shoppers can start a favorites wishlist with 1 click. It’ll be saved in a browser cookie by default for 90 days.

  • To save their wish list permanently, shoppers can sign up for or log into a customer account in your shop.
  • A shopper can create multiple lists, add and move products to any of their lists when logged into an account at your shop
  • Sharing is easy: the wishlist page has direct links to share a list on social networks and the list address to copy & paste anywhere
  • Notes allow shoppers to annotate their list and the items they've added.
  • Price drop tracking lets a shopper see which products have dropped in
    price. See an example.
    You can enable or disable this in app preferences.
  • Mobile/Responsive design: works and displays on smartphones and tablets — Android and iOS tested.

Bring customers back to your shop with wishlist email reminders

Automatically remind customers once they save a new wishlist.

  • Close more sales from customers who showed interest in your
    products and registered an account.

  • Customers receive an email with their list items linking to each
    product and your shop's wishlist page, where they can log in to view their

  • Customize your own email text — say hello in your own unique
    way or make them an offer they can't resist.

Wishlist email reminders are available on the $9.99/month plan.

View wish list stats for your shop

Answer these questions at a glance with Wishl stats by product:

  • How many wishlists does my shop have?

  • How many items have been added?

  • How many times has each product been added/favorited?

  • Which variant is most coveted?

Quick start

  1. Install and authorize the app with a few clicks.

  2. Next, auto-install the snippet into your shop’s theme with one click. Wait for confirmation.

  3. Paste the snippet tag where you want the Add to Wishlist link/button to show in the theme's product template.

Done! Every product page in your shop will now have "Add to Wishlist” (or the label you choose).

Customize Button Text and Icon

Prefer “Add to Favorites” instead of “Add to Wishlist”? In the app preferences, you can customize the text used in the wishlist button, its size, icon (heart, star, bookmark, folder, etc.) and get it to match your theme’s button style using CSS classes.

Wishlist Adder Icons in Product Grids and Collection Pages

Digging a little deeper into your theme, it's possible to put a wishlist icon next to each product in your collection page or other product grids, such as home featured products and related products. See an example.

Instructions here. This is a slightly more advanced setup. Email me if you'd like help. I may be able to take care of it for your shop's theme.

Translate App Text to Your Language

Translate and control Wishl's text displayed on your storefront using the Languages section of the app admin. You can change labels, messages, warnings, and other app text displayed on your shop.


All shops start on the Basic plan at $7.99/month, which allows up to 1,000 (one thousand) new wishlists per month — more than enough for most shops.

Plans with wishlist email reminders start at $9.99/month, allowing up to 2,000 new wishlists per month.

Higher volume plans are available, as well.


Want to know more?

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Wishl Favorites Wishlist reviews

31 reviews
  1. 5 stars (30 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (1 review)
  3. 3 stars (0 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
  5. 1 star (0 reviews)

100% THE BEST wishlist app - hands down. Installation is super easy and hassle-free - and it integrates well with the style of whatever theme you are using. Here's the highlights...

1. The best feature - no account needed for customer to add to wishlist. We saw an IMMEDIATE jump in the amount of wishlists made daily.
2. Multiple wishlists feature is great, especially with being able to rename the wishlists
3. Look and feel of the app on the storefront is superb
4. Preferences/customization options are great.
5. Documentation and advance setup guides are very useful
6. Being able to lookup wishlists and see stats directly in the Admin
7. Lucas was SUPER helpful when setting everything up - We wanted to import our current customers' wishlists from the previous app we were using. He helped to make this happen for an extremely modest one-time fee. The transition was absolutely seamless.

Only thing missing is robust reporting and conversion tracking. But for the price, it is MORE than worth it. Don't hesitate - install it now!


This is, quite simply, the very best wish list app on Shopify:

• Easy installation
• Easily customizable Wishlist hosting / landing page
• Very customizable add-to-list widget, so it can easily match your theme.
• No account required to create a list
• The very best add-to-list functionality—it all happens right on the product page. Very slick. No one else has anything like this.

What's missing:

• Reporting. Did the app generate sales? There is no way to know.
• Notification. It would be great to get an email when a list is created.
• Deletion. It would be helpful to be able to delete some wish lists.

But don't let these minor things sway you—this really is the best Wishlist app on this platform. Get it now.


We went through 5 other wishlist apps and support questions and this was the only one to work immediately upon instal. Great app!


Thumb Up, I will say this is the best Wishlist app (tried other before) I have used up til now. And good supporting and very easy to use interface. If you still searching for a wishlist app, I highly-recommended this one, your visitor (specially those new visitors) no need to login / create an account after click "Add to Wishlist".


This app is great! Easy to use, simple to install and looks great on the site. Excellent support too.


LOVING this app!! Easily integrated, simple functionality, looks GREAT and support has been awesome answering questions and helping with set up so our store could get the most benefit of its features. Definitely happy to have this as an addition to our store!


Excellent Wishlist that works well. Support is also immediate and very helpful. A deserved 5 stars! www.bowtieclub.com


This app is a great way to add wishlist functionality to your website with a simple, clean interface (that can be extensively customised) and the only one I know of that doesn't require a customer to setup an account etc (though they can if they'd like to save a wishlist etc).

I found the developer particularly helpful and willing to answer my many questions about getting the app to work with my very minimal website design.

He was also very open to hearing ideas or features I wished it had.

If you're looking for a wishlist app I'd totally recommend Wishl Wishlist


After sifting through almost a dozen favorites/wishlist apps, I haven't found anything better than Wishl. This app allowed us to add a "favorite" button on our product pages so that our customer can save not only their favorite items but also the specific variants (size, color) that they liked. I've trial-tested a bunch of other apps and every single one of them had functionality issues and/or limitations. With Wishl, I was able to speak with the developer to work through any features that came with the customization that our shop needed. Lucas was prompt, thorough and super helpful with his responses. Best customer service ever!


Lucas has developed a fantastic app and has really good support. I made a few requests, asked for support and his attention to detail and follow through were exemplary
I highly recommend this app and it is reasonably priced.

From $7.99 / month
15 days

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