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  • Add a WISHLIST to your store
  • Motivate your customers to make bigger orders
  • Average increase of cart size: 200%!

With this Shopify app a customer will be able to add favorite products by clicking on the corresponding button to a special list called Wishlist. Various categories of wishlists can be created by a customer.

This solution is widely used on other e-commerce platforms and well known as a great tool for your customers to plan their shopping.

A customer has following options at a wishlist:

  • create a new wishlist

  • add notes to products

  • delete products from a wishlist

  • copy/move products to other wishlists

  • add products from your wishlist to cart

  • no variants allowed in this version

The store administrator has following options:

  • adjust colors of a wishlist page to the appropriate colors for the design of your store's template

  • browse customers and guests which were added products to their wishlists

  • browse products which were added by customers and guests to their wishlists

  • delete products from customers' and guests' wishlists

  • enable/disable function of redirecting customers to a wishlist after adding a product to the wishlist

  • enable or disable displaying of "Add to wishlist" button on the product lists

  • translate wishlist phrases to the language of your web store



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Wishlist reviews (43)


Stay away. You'll be spending your weekend cleaning your theme. And always back up before installing this garbage!


So far, I have had great service from Rafael. He has helped me customize my wishlist to operate in a way I envisioned. I have not gone live yet, but testing is promising. I agree that it would be nice to have a little more control. On the whole, though, I am very satisfied so far. I will review again when we finish tweaking and go live.




I did the free trial. Unfortunately, after I removed this Wishlist app from my store, it left behind a whole bunch of files in my theme. I had to manually go through my theme and remove each one – which took some time to do. I wouldn't recommend this app!


Horrible app, not only does it break from time to time it is more expensive than the other wishlist apps offered. If you log on on mobile the app does not display correctly either. I contacted support about this issue and did not even recieve a response until the 3rd or 4th attempt. What kind of nonsense is this? Then they respond and say they will get help and I should make an account for them. After I do this they never even log in!!!!!!!!!!!!! So not only did they seek to waste my time but they obviously do not have their act together based on the lack there of support and run around I was receiving. Is it so much to ask for an application that actually works? The only reason hey even get good reviews is that they send out an email asking for a good review in exchange for a 2 free months of service. Very dishonest Try one of these


Users can't share lists - a critical feature.

Styling options are available for some parts, but not others, and are randomly spread around between the app dashboard and the theme settings.
To make work with our theme (Masonry) with a background image, or with any dark background theme, we had to edit the CSS itself.


Worked for awhile. It "breaks" more often than it works. Uninstalling and trying a different app now.


Great app, just installed in our shop and can tell it will be a really useful tool for our customers. Does what it is supposed to.


I don't understand why people write such a positive review unless they get paid for it, this app is of a very bad quality.
It creates such a complex process for such a simple feature, in fact the wish list option is such a popular option that shopify must included as standard.
It is crazy having to paid around $13 monthly for such a simple option, not to mention that I decided to remove it when my home page crates after implement the first sniped of code.
Documentation is very unclear and not enough for understanding, it takes a lot of effort to figure out how to proceed.
And BE AWARE that when you remove this app it leaves a lot of rubbish on your theme like embedded javascript, extra templates created on installation, extra settings on theme... etc.


Love this app. Love that I can view customer wish lists - helps with product development!

$26.00 / month
7 days

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