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26. Februar 2019

Really love this app, the price, and the customer service. They were quick to respond and fix my problem when I couldn't get the app to work with my new theme. I am just having a little trouble with load times when you click on the favorite button it takes awhile for it to load. Other than that, great app!

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Etwa 4 jahre mit der App
10. Dezember 2020

When instead of a Heart you select a Text Link (Add to Wish List) in product detail, when a product is already in wish list the text Added to Wish List does not display properly. The app only works properly if you select a Heart as an icon for the Add to Wish List

ROOTS the Beauty Underground
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Etwa 2 jahre mit der App
8. Dezember 2016

This app is good. The wish list counter is very useful. We needed help with an error translating to multiple device screens and they responded promptly and efficiently.

The code is not too difficult to add but takes a tiny bit more thinking time than some other apps if you are a novice code writer like me. Would have benefited from a video tutorial.

The app is solid though. The wish list counter is perfect for our business selling collectible models because only one of each product is usually available so it means customers can see how many other people have added it to their wish list so they are encouraged to buy it quickly before the other person nabs it.
This is our website:

I did have to add in a tiny bit of code to write "Add to my wishlist" next to the heart counter because customers weren't sure what it was. You do get the option of a link but it's either a link or a heart counter and I wanted both. I'm certain if I had emailed them they would have solved it for me but seeing as I could do it myself, I did.

Wood Sons
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Fast 2 jahre mit der App
Bearbeitet am 22. August 2017

Update: So now I cannot change the name of Add to Wishlist even using their template and settings, and it doesnt change remove from wishlist either. Seems like the code is a little broken

Update: They helped me out with fixing the CSS and even going a step further and trying to code something custom for me. Will tell you that they went above and beyond for this app to be that much better than all the other wishlist apps. This is definitely the best wishlist app there is out there.

One issue, for the CSS you cannot edit the remove from wishlist as it has a CSS assigned to it for each item. Other than that its a cool app and a great feature. Simple and easy to work with. Just wish there was a way to OVERRIDE the remove from wishlist button

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20. Oktober 2016

So far so good!

The support team was excellent and very quick to respond. They helped with installation and everything seems to work perfectly.

The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because I can't seem to customize the automated emails and the Share wishlist by Email page - all are very off brand for us.

Otherwise, it's a great product!

Livie Luca
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7 monate mit der App
2. Mai 2014

Prepare to spend half a day trying to install and set this up. The instructions are not accurate. You will need the help of the app developer to install this properly. The app developer is ready and willing to set this up for you, so just contact them as soon as you have any problems.
Now that it's finally set up, it's fantastic, looks great and works well. Great for only $3/month.
5 monate mit der App
16. Mai 2016

great little app that does exactly as it says it does! Developers are very heopful as well - recommended!

Evondadelszen Com
2 monate mit der App
22. September 2015

Functional app that delivers what it promise. I got fantastic support from the developer when I didn't manage to install it on my page. You can see everywhere that a wish list increase sales a lot, so i am excited to see the result.

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15. Oktober 2014

yeah its very nice. its working fine for me. the customer support is very good. jaron.smith2006 is replying very quickly and give a great help to customer. thanks

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22 tage mit der App
Bearbeitet am 9. März 2018

It look very nice and work Well but how can i translate in french the whole wishlist because in settings and css i can't found where to translate "Share" and " send mail..." thank you

Neinsei Store
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