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WishList + Reminder

WishList + Reminder

Developed by Sticky Apps

77 reviews
Price: $5.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Sell to people who add items to Wishlist but don't buy
  • Improve customer experience with a robust Wishlist
  • 1-minute to setup and customize

The only Wishlist app that makes you money and takes 1 minute to install.

Increase your sales effortlessly! Automatic email follow-up with people who put items in their wishlist but don't buy.

Watch WishList + Reminder in action on our demo store!

How does WishList + Reminder work?

Captures what products people like and their email addresses. If people don't buy a product we allow you to automatically follow up with reminders and promotions to encourage purchases.

You have total control of what your Wishlist looks like as well as the format of follow-up emails and when they go out.

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WishList + Reminder unlocks the hidden profit behind customers who are interested in your products but leave without buying. Most stores make enough in their free trial to pay for the app for a year.

How does WishList + Reminder make me more money?

Captures customers who are interested in products but end up leaving your store without ever buying while allowing you to market to them.

How does WishList + Reminder improve the customer experience?

Encourages customers to add more items to their shopping cart and to return to your store.

    How Does The 1-Minute Set-Up Work?

  • Step 1: Get the app from the Shopify App Store

  • Step 2: Customize the look and feel of your Wishlist

  • Step 3: Configure the automatic follow-up emails

Do I have to configure my store's theme for this app?

Unlike other Wishlists apps, you don't have to edit your store's theme.

When customers favorite items is there an account created for them on my site?

Yes, when a user decides to save their Wishlist they provide an email and password. We automatically create an account for them on your site. If they're logged in then the wishlist doesn't require them to create a new account. The Wishlist is only for your site.

Can I control the content of the follow-up emails and when they go out?

Yes, you will be able to control the content of the follow-up email, and when they will be automatically sent to your customers.

Can you customize the look and feel of the Wishlist?

Yes, you will be able to control the colors, placement and feel of the Wishlist to best match your store.

Can you see what people add to the Wishlist?

Yes, you can pull a detailed report of customer wishlists.

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WishList + Reminder reviews

77 reviews
  1. 5 stars (59 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (12 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (2 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

great app, easy to install and look stylish. The only wishlist app with the reminder option. Hopefully more features will be added in the future


This is by far the best Wishlist available. The ability to put the star ratings anywhere you want to (and as many places as you want) is head and shoulders above any other competitor in of itself. However, the other key feature definitely set crown WIshList + Reminder as the king.

When a customer adds something to their wish list off a your product photo, a small copy of the photo slides down the page and becomes "stuck" to the customer's wishlist bar (which can be customized as to colors, locations, etc).

Moreover, the wishlist actually sends reminders to folks that they have items in their list - completely automated (this can be turned off). I don't know about you, but anything I can do to automate my store, the better I like it.

Yes this list does not yet (although I suspect that it is in works) support mobile, but I know in my store, 99% of my customers visit from PCs and 100% purchase from PCs. I have yet to have any conversions from mobile (and I've got a great mobile theme). Then again I sell expensive items; if you are selling gummy bears this may be a consideration.

All in all, after going going through 30 or so apps, I've paired it down to WishList + Reminder, most the Bold series, and Coolence Abandon Aid. Wishlist + Reminder is definitely in the top tier.


Easy to install, but not as easy to customize as I expected....but free is free!


This is a no-brainer to add to your store! I love this app and we often tout this feature in our marketing efforts. Easy to set-up, easy to use. Can't recommend this app enough! If you have installed it yet, do it now. It's worth it!


This is my criteria for any app purchase:

*Must work well
*Must be easy to install
*Must not slow down the site
*Must pay for itself
*Price - Must be either a one off reasonable fee or a fair monthly charge
*Must have fantastic support after it's installed

Well hey, this app ticks every box, my only note is that currently it doesn't show on mobile but to be honest my mobile site is to full of pop ups anyway so I actually prefer it that way...5 STARS *****


It looks good on my website, it is easy to customise and setup is easy peasy! My site seems to be running a bit slow but as I have several apps installed I cant say for sure that it was this latest app that caused it. Over all Im happy with the product and will keep it installed indefinitely.


Easy change, fantastic effect! Must have!


Easy to install, easy to customise and apply settings. A very no fuss application that will benefit my customers and me! Love it :-)


A great app, very easy to install. Not at all intrusive like other wishlist I've looked at.


Another great app! Easy to setup, offers color customization, and options for overall appearance. Sends a brief yet friendly email reminder after a given amount of time which you get to choose. With over 150 items on our website, this is a great tool for people to keep track of their favorites! I've been waiting on this kind of app for a long time! Thanks Bootstrap Heroes!

$5.00 / month
14 days

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