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28 de abril de 2024

completely messed up the theme, even stuff that was not related to wish list... like menus, account icon disappeared, logo got bigger, search tab went into its own page, burger moblike menu stopped working! literarily unfixable, thank god we have a recent theme save before this mess up

iLevel Lab
Estados Unidos
Casi 2 años usando la aplicación
29 de marzo de 2024

The app won't work. It shows the heart icon but that's it. There is no add to wishlist option as it claims. Only some customers are able to get it to work. It has caused a big headache for me and my customers.

SJ 3Designs
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 1 año usando la aplicación
Revamp respondió 8 de abril de 2024

Thank you for your feedback. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you and your customers.

App Functionality: We identified a problem with our third-party Content Delivery Network (CDN) causing the app to malfunction for some users. While this CDN is generally reliable, they experienced an unusual outage yesterday. We have since migrated to a new, more robust CDN, and the app functionality, including the "add to wishlist" option, was fully restored.

Resolution: We understand this downtime caused a big headache, and we apologize again. We take pride in app stability and are committed to preventing similar disruptions in the future.

19 de mayo de 2024


I recently installed a Wishlist Hero app for wishlist functionality, hoping it would enhance my store’s user experience. Unfortunately, my experience was far from satisfactory, and I ended up giving it a 1-star rating.

The primary issue with this app is its uninstallation process. When you remove the app, it leaves behind significant residual code. This leftover code isn't just an inconvenience—it can actually disrupt your store's functionality. Specifically, the app renames critical files like settings_data.json to settingS_data.json. This is extremely dangerous and can break your store’s styles or theme, making it a nightmare to restore the original look and feel.

Additionally, the program breaks styles, causing visual inconsistencies that can ruin the user experience. It almost feels like revenge for ceasing to be its user. The lack of clear instructions or support for properly removing the app compounds the problem. As a user, I expected a seamless installation and uninstallation process, but this app failed to deliver on that front.

In summary, while this wishlist app might offer some useful features, the risk of it leaving behind garbage in your code, renaming critical files, and breaking styles makes it not worth the trouble. I strongly advise against using this app until these issues are addressed. Look for alternative wishlist apps that ensure a cleaner and safer integration with your Shopify store.

14 minutos usando la aplicación
19 de enero de 2024

We're incredibly disappointed with this app. We had a much longer than necessary migration process from our old Wishlist app, the app crashes consistently for lengthy periods, and support will not help you if they can't replicate the issue.

Heirloom Roses
Estados Unidos
4 meses usando la aplicación
Revamp respondió 8 de abril de 2024

Thank you for your feedback. We understand your frustration regarding the data migration and app issue.

Data Migration: The initial migration file provided did not include your full history. Once we were notified and an updated file was provided, we processed the updated file within a few hours to ensure all your data was imported.

App Issue: We appreciate your patience as we worked to identify the app issue. Unfortunately, without a specific example, it was difficult for our team to replicate and resolve the problem. Thankfully, with your recording, we were able to quickly fix the issue for all affected customers.

We value your business and strive to provide exceptional service. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and hope you'll give us another chance.

9 de noviembre de 2023


This app is the worst app.
I don't want to give even 1 star. Actually it's 0 stars.
Even though there is a problem on the app side, the developer side does not respond at all.
No matter how many times I contact them, they don't want to respond with just a template reply.
It's really the worst. It's a crap app.

own it
10 meses usando la aplicación
18 de noviembre de 2023

Contacted support for hep adding the wishlist icon to my collections view. I got an email back asking me to add their email as a collaborator, which can't be done. They need to send a collaborator request. When I responded and asked them to send the request, they sent me instructions to do it myself which I am not able to do. I'm looking into other alternatives since the app and support don't seem to be effective.

Dipnotic Nails
Estados Unidos
3 días usando la aplicación
26 de octubre de 2023

I am not satisfied with this app, it advertises no coding required, however it absolutely requires back end coding, and the customer service is not consistent. I would highly suggest going elsewhere for a wishlist app.

Soul of Chiron Creations, LLC
Estados Unidos
5 días usando la aplicación
19 de octubre de 2023

Thanks for messing up our site!

6 minutos usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 7 de agosto de 2023

Apparently there was a data breach through this app. My customers are receiving scam emails that look like the email reminders from Wish List Hero. This happened during a huge sale of course and I have customers wanting to know if there personal info is in danger. HUNDREDS of customers. I am absolutely livid.

EmFreudery Designs
Estados Unidos
Más de 3 años usando la aplicación
11 de junio de 2022

I tried over and over to contact support but no one answer and no one back to my email it's tooo annoying

Arabia Saudí
Más de 1 año usando la aplicación