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ok, It worked fine, Thank you very much!

使用應用程式 2天
Revamp 已回覆 2024年4月4日

Thanks a ton for your kind words. We are always here to help 🌝


Great support by Yomna, fixed the issue promptly and communication was real quick.

Thank you Yomna for your support.

Ink N Ivory
使用應用程式 3個月
Revamp 已回覆 2023年11月15日

Dear Ink N Ivory 🤩

We are so glad and happy for your valuable feedback. We always work hard on making our app better and this has been our reward - to have customers like you 🤍 Thank you one more time from the whole Revamp team!


The support team was very helpful with my requests to edit the style of the wishlist. For the most part I love the look of my wishlist, there were a few changes that were unable to be made but it wasn't a huge problem. It has nothing to do with the function of the wishlist but more of the aesthetics of it.

Connii's Craft Studio
使用應用程式 大約3年

I really like the app, but would also like further support on it if possible

As it doesn't seem possible to add the favourite icon to my menu and the dashboard is not working from my Shopify panel. Not currently on any plan, still on trail so I don't know if I'm getting support because of it.

Lilith by Katarina Baban
使用應用程式 2年多

Works amazing with my theme. Would def recommend as its clean, hassle-free, great customer service and an amazing price.

使用應用程式 接近2年

Intuitive and easy to use app. Just what we needed for our new shop. Had some trouble to get the heart icon to appear in collections but I got really great and quick help from the support team.

使用應用程式 10個月
Revamp 已回覆 2020年4月13日

Thank you for the excellent review. Glad you liked it.


Building my web at the moment and I installed Wishlist Hero, some issues came up and I contacted support, they respond immediately and solve my issue within an hour, there were rounds of setting mistakes occurred by me and they were very patient to explain. Very good support team. I would keep on using this app as long as I think it suits my business. So far I am happy with it.

Sakura NZ
使用應用程式 大約2個月
Revamp 已回覆 2023年6月19日

Thanks a ton for your kind words. We are always here to help 🌝


Nice Plugin, Very helpful and easy to use and setup, just if few more options to control the way the popup look would have been given then it would have been much better.

LP Online Boutique
使用應用程式 大約1個月

A great application and although not too customizable on your end, the developers are very helpful and can customize certain things. This is by far the best wishlist app aesthetically and functionally that I've found after hours of browsing Shopify's app store. I did have an issue getting a response for a while from them (a month and no response to my emails) but they have since got in touch and sorted the issue.

Born Clothing_1
使用應用程式 大約1個月

it's good but some issue i m facing on this app...i am not enable to add wishlist in product details...Please tell me on this issue?

使用應用程式 18天
Revamp 已回覆 2023年5月3日

Hello Americord,

Thank you for taking the time and leaving a review. We are sorry that you had a difficult time reaching out to our support team. Our support staffs are available around the clock on weekdays via email. Also, we are available to attend to any priority issues over the weekend. Looking forward to assisting you further.