Social Gift Wishlist and Registry with Crowdfunding

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More Visibility & Conversion

Improve visibility and increase conversions. When added to wishlist, your products are shared with customers friends.

Promise & Money Pot

Users can buy later or their friends can offer the gift or contribute to a money pot.

Installs in just one click

No setup! You only have to hit the Install button and you are up to go. Still, you can always call our geeks squad for help.

Wishtack 정보

Fill Wishlists With Your Products In One Click

Wishtack allows your customers to add any of your products to their universal wishlists, baby registries, wedding registries or christmas wishlists in just one click without even creating an account.

Highly Social Wishlist

With Wishtack, anytime a customer adds one of your products to their wishlist, a notification is sent to their friends automatically improving your products visibility and increasing conversions.

Money Pot

When your customers create a wishlist, any of their friends can contribute to the money pot, thus increasing changes for the customer to buy your product.

Helpful Geeks Squad

Wishtack app needs your feedback to be improved. Our team is available and ready to make fast changes to the app in order to make it work better with your shop. Don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team if you need help of any kind.

How To Install

Automatic Install

Simply click on the Get App button.

Manual Install And Full Button Customization

In order to simplify the setup process, the Wishtack app tries to figure out automagically where to put the "Add to Wishlist" button on your product page then it tries to gather all the product information it can find on that page. Thus, the Wishtack app might fail in injecting the button or gathering product data if your shop is using some custom themes.

In order to solve that issue or if you want to customize the button's position, display or text, you can manually inject the "Add to Wishlist" button in your theme by getting in touch with us.

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Now I want to delete the app. It is not possible! The button still remains, even after removing the APP. I need to know how to remove everything!
I've already tried them all, but it always remains there! czaira.com

Block And Strap

Customers are given option to buy items on Amazon through this app?!?! Why would I install an app that sends to traffic to another store!??!

Quilts I Am

I installed the code and went to check it out for myself. I don't like the fact that it would direct customers away from my store to facebook, too many distractions on FB. So I deleted the code. Not good for trying to help your customers!! Not recommended if you are in retail!