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Wishy Wishlist

Wishy Wishlist

Developed by CarlsApps

204 reviews
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  • Allows customers on your store to save items for later through a Wishlist
  • Increases revenue, average purchase size, and customer retention
  • Nearly all large retailers offer Wishlists. Wishy makes your store look professional!

FREE and COMPLEMENTARY installation for all stores! No coding necessary!

Wishlists increase revenue, average purchase size, and retention.

One of the most important and under-utilized features of any online store is the Wishlist. With Wishlists, customers can save items which they may not have an intention to purchase at the time, but that they find intriguing and may want to purchase in the future. After adding items to their wishlist and returning to your store, rather than having to search through your entire catalog to find the items they were interested in, they simply click into their wishlist and have it all available to them, ready to add to their cart.

What is shopping like without a Wishlist?

Imagine this scenario: While browsing your store, Tom finds the perfect T-shirt that he's been looking for, and adds it to his shopping cart. However, a few other items catch Tom's eye. Since Tom's never ordered from you before, he wants to make sure the size he's ordering will fit correctly, and goes ahead and only orders one shirt from your store. Two weeks later, Tom realizes that he really likes the T-shirt he ordered from you, and it fits perfectly! Tom returns to your store to order some of the other items that he liked, but he can no longer locate them. Tom is very busy and doesn't really have time to find these items again. Tom leaves your store without making another purchase.

What is shopping like with a Wishlist?

Tom is browsing your store. He's already found the perfect item that he knows he's going to order today, but there are a few more items that he likes. Before ordering too many T-shirts, Tom wants to make sure it'll fit right since he hasn't ordered from you before. For each of these items, then, Tom clicks the little heart button that adds the items to his wishlist. Tom proceeds to order his one item today, and receives it two weeks later. He loves it! Tom returns to your store, clicks the wishlist button, and all his heart-ed items are right there! Tom adds them to cart and proceeds to make his second (and much larger) purchase with your store.

What sets Wishy apart?

  • Wishy integrates seamlessly with all themes.

  • Allows sharing of wishlist via social media (coming soon). (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Email & WhatsApp.)

  • Dashboard that shows customer wishlists(View the Top 10 Products, Number of Wishlists etc.)

  • Allows creating a Wishlist with just one click. (Login is required.)

  • Allows users to add as many items as they want

  • Custom styling so that you can style your Add To Favorites button as you see fit!

  • Complementary setup and installation. (no charge)
  • Very quick support.

  • Completely FREE!!!

Try Wishy today and get free installation on your store! It's completely free, so you have nothing to lose! Give it a try!

Wishy Wishlist reviews

204 reviews
  1. 5 stars (171 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (19 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (9 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (2 reviews)
  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

Worked fine for a while then one day just quit working. I couldn't get on the page again until I uninstalled.


i could't re-install the app after i uninstalled it accidentally. Please advise. Thank you.


good <div class="wishy-placeholder"></div>


Excellent customer service, developers acted fast as well, cant wait for more features to be released!


Very very good. I will recommend it to others


It's great although I wish there was the option of managing and controlling it yourself from a Dashboard.


Thanks so much! Customer service is great


It's OK for now. I'm still testing it.


I was looking for a wishlist app and came upon Wishy Wishlist. I installed it, followed the instructions for adding buttons and hearts but, much to my dismay, I was unable to make it work. So I did the next best thing and contacted customer support. Without hesitation, they offered to install it for me at no cost whatsoever. While it took two, maybe three, days to complete the work, the app now functions as advertised. I couldn't be happier. The app is great. I am already noticing that people are saving items to their personal lists. And that is after just one day of activity. I would recommend this app to anyone wanting to add a wishlist to their store. The app is great and the service is even better.


Sweet, Finally a FREE for SHOPIFY wish list app!


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