Notification Feed by Wisepops

Notification Feed by Wisepops

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8 recensioner
Redigerat 14 november 2021

Wisp is the killer app in our Shopify plus store. I cannot recommend any other app than wisp. It is the best announcement app without disturbing customer experience, gently but very efficient. Our conversation rate gone up a lot after using wisp. We use it to promote campaigns, email sign up forms, also customer logins (i.e. login to see special discount announcements), this way Klaviyo can track customer activity for better targeting. To be more price for the numbers for the last 30 days: - 18,263 visitors opened their feed. They’ve generated 75% of your revenue.
- Average Pageviews per session: 14.3 (wisp visitor) / 3.9 (non wisp visitor). - Conversation Rate: 18.4% (wisp visitor) / 1.4% (non wisp visitor)

Korendy Türkiye
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 10 månader
16 mars 2021

I've been using this app for a couple of months now and I'm getting 30%+ better conversions on my offers than regular pop-ups. Plus it helps differentiate my store from the competition and allows me to serve up alerts based on the visitor/customer's past engagement. This is very powerful. The installation help and support have been amazing. Highly recommend this app - you won't be disappointed.

YAK Grills™
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 8 månader
19 januari 2021

The app is amazing, definitely a must have for your store, it shows notifications in an elegant way without disrupting your customers experience! You can also choose the notifications you want to show based on your shoppers behavior (think about cross selling / upselling). Their team did a great job helping us to set up the app on our store! Thank you :)

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 2 dagar
18 januari 2021

Fantastic customer support (Thx Jordan!)!!!
A really innovative way of not doing invasive marketing. I can't wait to see how this product evolves moving forward but this is a great fit into our marketing strategy. Very unique and forward looking.

Progeny Coffee
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 16 dagar
15 november 2020

THIS APP IS AWESOME. Love how it looks on my store and my customers seem to love it too. I reached out for help to get it set up and the team was great. Thanks guys!

Pizza Gym
Redigerat 13 november 2020

Wisp is a really unique product and I'm very glad I tried it! I use it to update visitors about news and to collect emails. I truly feel that it completes my site. It delivers great engagement and results for me. Highly recommended.

Andrew Peacock Writes
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: Mer än ett år
17 juli 2020

Wisp is very helpful for us to reach your visitors in a new way. Better than pop-ups, wisp enables us to display new products lunch, back in stock and more !

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: Mer än 2 år
9 juli 2020

Wisp is revolutionizing the way we reach our customers. A new lever for us - powerful, personalized, and easy to plug and play with Shopify.

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 6 månader