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  • Finally an effective way to ask your customers post photos with your products through Instagram.
  • Accomplish word of mouth marketing and increase sales.
  • Convert your buyers into social ambassadors - Increase engagement with your brand !

WOMI's unique algorithm constantly searches the social media networks - Instagram, Facebook, etc.

WOMI will identify when your customer shares a photo of a product they bought on your store.

WOMI will enable you to monitor these posts and add customers to your loyalty program.

Boost your customers' trust and increase sales with word of mouth authentic marketing !

Key features

  • One click setup - Click the “Get” button and you’re all set.

  • Automatic emails - Sit back and relax as posts flow in.

  • Customization - Define email text, email timing and social hashtags.

  • Moderation - You decide which social post is good.

  • Incentivize - Get customers into your loyalty program.

  • Inline SEO - Customers who came from seeing a photo of your product on their friend's wall, will visit on average X2.5 more pages. Increase the time on site and product discovery.

  • World class customer support - Always happy to help at app@womi.io

  • Easy to use - Easy to love - no design or coding skills required.

WOMI.io reviews

38 reviews
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I have just joined Womi, so very early to speak on the performance however the support from Womi has been spot on! Jenny in particular helped me through all of my questions at any time of the day and during weekends.
I was approached by one of my customers asking if I will work with the app. I think this App is the way our customers will move towards naturally after purchasing, happy to be on board and hope for great success!



Jenny was very helpful. I received excellent customer service, accurately and efficiently. I enjoyed working with her everything was done perfectly. Thank you, I am grateful.


I like the app too much and I really appreciate the support from Zeev he is decent and helping me in designing the template


This app is amazing. It does things I didn't know were possible! While it's still in beta, the thought put into it and its functionality are very impressive, as is their customer service. So, what does it do in a nutshell? It lets you create an email template to go out to customers after their purchase (you decide how soon after purchase) , asking that they share their experience on social media. When they do, WOMI's crazy server "sees" their hashtag, matches it to your customer order, and then sends that customer a special promotion that you've chosen.

We worked with WOMI's developer Zeev on a few tweaks that make it read better for US customers, and he was not only responsive, but eager to make his app the best it can be. He even monitored it on our site and offered suggestions to increase responses, which were very insightful.

That said, we've decided to stop using it for our site, but that's a reflection of who our customers are rather than any issue with the app. Our customers are collectors of vintage model horses - a group that's often introverted and private about their collections, so the idea of sharing photos online made them a little nervous. However, if you run a fashion store, jewelry store, pet supply store -- pretty much anything but collectibles! -- I bet you'll see a great response, and really enjoy the free advertising that comes from customer testimonials on social media. I'll be keeping an eye open for other apps these folks make, because if they're as neat as this one, I'll almost certainly be a customer!


This app is very easy to use and I am sure it will prove valuable in time.

It's free so any order generated from this app is a plus :-)



Getting great results with this app and my customers love my reward for their sharing.


I don't know what the problem the previous reviewer had, but this app installed for me perfectly and is excellent! Extremely impressive for a new app, and check around, I'm one of the most frequent and toughest reviewers of Shopify apps here for a long time now.

Color coded graphs, tons of cool data, email templates that instantly successfully send when you send them (yes, I've tested them and they work), what more could you ask for from any app, especially a FREE one?!

5 stars.

PS After writing the above, I went back to the app and uploaded our logo/slogan and launched our first fixed coupon CAMPAIGN in less than 5 minutes. One of the easiest Shopify apps I've ever set up. KUDOS! Well done! This is REALLY GOOD for an app in "beta." I've seen plenty of NON-beta apps not this well done! Very pleased. :)


We were skeptical if this concept will work. Nice marketing idea. Already got feedback from our clients on social media :) Thanks





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