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6. März 2023

The Ablestar Woocommerce Importer App works like a charm and for all questions and problems was the support just perfectly friendly and helpful. I can only highly recommend it if you are moving your store form Woocommerce to Shopifiy. 5 stars+

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10. Februar 2023

Hi - i am not able to pay to import the last products - "processor dislined"
WHY? There are any help?


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Ablestar hat geantwortet 10. Februar 2023

Hello, we're sorry about the issues with the payment processing. We've followed up with you by email so we can continue the conversation there.


14. November 2022

We imported over 30k orders, imported over 8K SKUs and saved hundreds of man hours. We had a few problems importing products but the support team (Alison) was always there for us and found a good solution for every problem. We highly recommend this app and the team behind it, they do a very customer friendly job.

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2. Januar 2022

Amazing App! Had a hassle-free import experience from Woocommerce. Would highly recommend this to everyone

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11. Januar 2021

I had a lot of specific needs with this app - I'd redone my store and product listings after a basic import, but wanted all my historical order data, and had unique mappings I needed between products. They worked with me to give me EXACTLY what I needed with order import, until everything looked perfect. When something was a bit off, they were responsive to correct it. Appreciate the great support! So happy I chose this app to shift everything over and preserve all my data. Thank you!!

Health Junkie
Vereinigte Staaten
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 3 monate
6. Juli 2020

Was easy as! No need to export bulky .csv and import it. Extremely easy and worth the small investment.

So lange wurde die App verwendet: 25 tage
16. April 2020

Brilliant customer support! Does exactly what we wanted to and made setting up our new Shopify site much easier. Highly recommend!

Conway Stewart
Vereinigtes Königreich
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26. Februar 2020

$4.99 for 1 product? are you serious?

This is really expensive pricing.

I hope app developer have best in their mind.

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Ablestar hat geantwortet 5. März 2020

I think there's been some misunderstanding regarding the pricing. It's free to import 20 products, and then just $4.99 if you have under 50 products in total to import.

The product import also includes support where we can help you remap fields or modify your products so they look good on Shopify. Since WooCommerce is so customizable, we find there's lots of situations where additional modifications are needed to the products in Shopify and we're here to help with that.

We've tried reaching out to the email address associated with your Shopify account but haven't heard back. Please contact us at and we can help you out.

13. Januar 2020

The best customer service I have ever received in an e-commerce platform plugin, app or add-on.

A remarkable level of dedication and commitment with the customer success.

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Bearbeitet am 13. Dezember 2019

I was totally happy with this app, until I realized almost 4 weeks after importing my customers and orders, that it somehow changed 400 paying customers into non-subscribers within Mailchimp. Literally 5 hours after troubleshooting with Mailchimp support, who were patient but not the most helpful, I've gotten them back. BEWARE, back-up, and then double check your email contacts before and after import. I can't stress this enough.

The support team for this app is very quick and helpful. I may have just been unlucky, but be careful.

Westside Love
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