WooCommerce Store Migration

WooCommerce Store Migration


Transfer Data From Your WooCommerce Store

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WooCommerce to Shopify

With the help of this app you can migrate WooCommerce data to your Shopify store.

Migrate data information

This migration includes products, images, variants, orders, customers, reviews, coupon codes, blog posts, pages.

Migration is very simple

On this app migration of products is as simple as clicking buttons. You will just need to synchronise and then click on migrate buttons.

WooCommerce Store Migration 정보

Migrate data from WooCommerce to Shopify.

With the help of our app you can migrate your WooCommerce data to your Shopify store in few very simple steps.

Why you should use this app?

Let me explain what this app can do for you. Let us say you are a website developer and you got a new project to shift a WordPress WooCommerce website to Shopify store. For that you may be first downloading products, customers, orders etc information from WooCommerce and then from that WooCommerce file you must be trying to create CSV file according to Shopify CSV format. At this point our app will help you in a better way. With the help of our app you will be able to migrate WooCommerce data simply by clicking buttons. Steps are very simple as given below. * Install our app & activate charge. * Enter your WordPress website url, enter consumer key & enter consumer secret. * Synchronise all of your WooCommerce data to our app. * Select source eShop & destination eShop * Click on migrate buttons to migrate your WooCommerce data to your Shopify store.

What is required to use this app?

At the time when you install the app then app will auto generate WooCommerce API keys on your Wordpress site. To use this app, your WooCommerce API must get connected. If WooCommerce API does not get connected, then there is something wrong on your WordPress website or WooCommerce settings. Once your WooCommerce API gets connected then you can easily migrate data to Shopify store by using this app.

Why we created it?

We created this app because we know that when trying to export a spreadsheet (CSV) of WooCommerce data from WordPress admin the format of that CSV does not matches with format of Shopify product import CSV. That's a problem if your staff members needs a quick migration tool to migrate WooCommerce data to Shopify store. With the help of this app you will be able to migrate product, customers, orders, coupon codes, posts, pages & product reviews etc directly on Shopify store by just clicking "Fetch" buttons both effectively and quickly. It's also very simple and easy to use. They are clearly available for you as soon as you install the app and there is no coding knowledge required. Just as simple as opening the app or clicking buttons.

Feature Requests

We are improving our app functionality continuously. I am open to your suggestions. Feel free to email me. Best Regards Admin

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Free demo: fetch free 20 records. App charge: ($0.01 * records to fetch) + Basic app charge ($15) + Payment gateway fees

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Estimulos Maternales

100% recommendable. Raman is a great professional, everything fast and perfect. Without a doubt the best application to migrate from Woocommerce to Shopify.


I 100% recommend this app, I used it to migrate my store from woocommerce to shopify and it was the best option! if you don't understand something or have any tech difficulties, Raman is super helpful and communicative, he replies very fast and solves what you need. You could also ask them to migrate any other data like blogs or the domain!

Swirl & Sip

I used this app to migrate 7,000 Woocommerce orders and their associated customers. There were a few hiccups in the automatic sync, but Raman was very responsive by email and worked with me until the migration was perfect. Great support!