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23 février 2023

I review to alert other possible users of this app, as the amount of 5 star ratings was one of the reasons that led me to test and pay for one of the plans offered in the app.

I created a coupon wheel type campaign, performed all the tests on the site by accessing desktop and mobile on various devices and so far everything happened well.

By communicating the action to my customer base, which are over 50,000, the answer was immediate a large volume of access and there began the problems, most customers could not participate because the button that starts the wheel simply did not work! The problem affected most customers and generated a huge demand for my service, a lot of dissatisfaction, distrust, negative comments on Instagram.

I promptly triggered the app support from the chat that prompts a 24-hour response, I also sent email address entered on the site and here at Shopify store, even sent in email from other developer apps.

Today 8 days after the incident, with huge prejudice of brand and financial image because I had to give the maximum discount, among the campaign coupons, for all customers who could not rotate the wheel, I still have no response to the support, so I opted for uninstalling the app and letting this disastrous experience record here.

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 2 mois
5 février 2023

Support not active in chat since over a week, no answer on emails even if they say it will take 24 hours.

Buggy and alot of things are not adjustable.

There should be a better option out there.

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 3 jours
Modifié le 12 mai 2022

We're a shopify plus merchant. We don't recommend this app because of the following reasons: All the customer names are mixed up because of this app. When Klaviyo integration is activated, first names are replaced with email initials. For example, if customer who joined the wheel with xyz@hotmail.com, customer first name becomes xyz. In case it is an existing customer, all customer database are messed up with this. I asked many times to support, they are so slow, not resolving any issue at all.

Korendy Türkiye
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 6 mois
Modifié le 28 décembre 2021

So one of my employees testing this app left a negative review, due to the trial and pricing structure that she felt was deceptive. This resulted in the app developer behind this app to leave bad reviews for my business on Trustpilot, Google Reviews and facebook all of them from multiple accounts. They then harrased my support team via phone, chat and email several times every day for weeks. So if you are thinking of leaving a bad review, you have been warned :)

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 10 jours
WooHoo a répondu 22 décembre 2021

Hello Dcams.dk,

We would like to comment on this issue.

Your employee installed our app and wrote a 1-star review 1-min after the installation claiming we didn't provide a 14-day free trial like stated on our app listing.

We do give a 14-day trial to all stores, We don't know why your employee didn't see it state there is a 14-day trial, Maybe it's because your store already installed our app back in July 2021.

We wish you we're to contact us before writing this review, as for sure we would have help and solve this issue quickly and to give the 14-day trial.

After getting the review, We wrote you an email about it and offered to help, but no one responded to the email we wrote, we also did a follow-up on the email but again we did not get a reply.

We never contacted you via phone or chat as you claim.

About your claim for Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and facebook, No one from our team has ever left any other review besides the write we write here.

Modifié le 22 octobre 2020

We've used this app for a couple of years and its been great. Recently however it has created ~25 $0 discounts per day, flooding our Shopify discount list and taking a long time to clean out months of junk discount codes that have recently appeared. It shouldn't be creating any discounts at all and just use the ones we've created to plug in to it. Staff couldn't find their discount codes for customers which were pages away. We normally have less than a dozen discounts. Sad to see it is badly behaved like this, and looks like we may have to pull the plug and try and find an alternative. Other recent issues we've seen include the pop-ups occurring too frequently in a session instead of once, the close button not having an x on mobile. Feels like it is no longer a robust option for us.

The Microbrand Store
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : Environ 2 ans
27 avril 2019

I am just Like the other 1-star review that they have...
They have major flaws in the app, and I was trying to explain this, only to be told I was using it wrong and NONE of his customers had the same problem...Hmmm
Don't think I quite believe that...
There are NO instructions on how to set up the games... They are however pretty much straight forward...
So I spent about 40 minutes setting up the block game with custom everything, at the end, there is NO save button, just a create game button, so I pressed the create game button and it created a game as per the very first template with NONE of my changes, so I thought I had made a mistake... So I started again towards the end, the developer contacted me after I sent him 5 emails...
He told me to hit the save button, I explained that there was NO SAVE BUTTON... Only a Create Game Button...
No No... Hit the Save Button....
There is NO SAVE BUTTON...
This went on for a while, eventually, he told me to hit the create game button, which I did and lost everything again...
So Anyway I found out through my own testing, That you create a Game, THEN SAVE THE GAME BEFORE YOU EDIT IT... Then after you have saved it then you can edit it and keep saving it...

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : Environ 4 heures
Modifié le 2 avril 2019

Full of bugs:
- subscribers do not get pushed to MailChimp in subscribed status. They get pushed in as nonsubscribed (fatal flaw here)
- graphics do not match those of the advertisement
- coupons are not unique
- does not work in IE explorer
Nice concept, but not ready for primetime.

After leaving this feedback, the developer sent a very arrogant message. He admitted to some of the false advertising of his program. Rather than take the feedback, fix his bugs and improve his app, he decided to try to berate me. It got to the point where I had to tell him/her to stop contacting me and we had to blacklist his emails at the server level- poor business model. His attempt to get me to remove the negative feedback, just reinforced my negative experience with this app.

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : Environ 2 heures