Woosh Country Redirect & Block

Woosh Country Redirect & Block

da Electric Apps

Geolocation, IP redirect, Custom Block Notice, IP Log & more!

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Configure your Block Notice

Want to inform customers that your products are not available in their region? Well, you can say so with with Woosh's Custom Block Notice!

Block Certain Visitors

Only perform business where you want to. Whether you can't ship to certain regions or cannot legally, block customers in those locations.

Redirect by IP, State, Country

Have multiple regional website? Redirect your customers instantly with Woosh's instant-redirect feature! Woosh them to convert with Woosh!

Sobre Woosh Country Redirect & Block

Make your Website Smarter!

Redirect your customers to different pages based on their GeoIP Location, and make your website experience smoother.

1. Block or Redirect Visitors by IP, IP Address Range, State/Region, Country, or Continent!

Identify which customers to redirect or block customers. Only conduct business with the places you would like. Block Competitors IP addresses.

2. Configure a Custom Block Notice (EXCLUSIVE)

Configure the information customers see if they are redirected to our block page. Customizable fields include title, body and showing the power label.

3. Instant-Redirect & Installation

Woosh will automatically "woosh" your visitors away based on the rules you set up.

4. Master Toggle Switch

Easily toggle Woosh on or off with the Master Switch on your dashboard

5. Built to Scale

Our systems are built to scale and if you would like to help increase your redirect times even more, simply contact us and we can set you up with a custom Dedicated Server

6. 24 Hour Support & Uptime

Have any issues or would like any additional features installed? Simply send us an email & we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Auto Install

Woosh will automatically install on to your store after adding it! What are you waiting for?

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  • Woosh Auto-Redirect
  • Customize Redirect Rules via State, Country, IP
  • Customizable Block Notice
  • Instant Installation
  • 24/7 Support & Uptime

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** As cobranças recorrentes, inclusive as baseadas em uso ou mensais, são faturadas a cada 30 dias.

3.6 de 5 estrelas

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Avaliações mais recentes


App don't work. I can't access to the backend of the app too. So this app is useful, we can't even see the person blocked.

Resposta do desenvolvedor

16 de maio de 2021

Hey DearBBall™ Team,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble.

I just checked the logs and accessed Woosh via a test store myself. Everything appears to be working fine.

I have emailed you regarding the issue. If you could provide some more information, I would be more than happy to help you fix this for you.

Thank you,
Electric Apps


Absolutely brilliant and essential app. Very responsive support, open to suggestions, willing to implement some ideas we hope to try. You won'regret, it's an essential app.

Resposta do desenvolvedor

11 de outubro de 2020

Thank you!! We put a lot of time into making our apps the best they can possibly be. We appreciate you and your thoughtful review :)


Simple country redirect does not work, also in country code list is Serbia and Montenegro, that are two different coutries not one, maybe that was a problem, but one shoud know this when making app!

Resposta do desenvolvedor

23 de agosto de 2020

Hey Ironfibre Team,

I'm sorry to hear that you were having trouble. All of our countries are listed per the records provided by us by our IP Providers. If two countries are listed as the same, this means that they have the same IP Provider serving the region. Additionally, simple country redirect does work, however, this may appear to the contrary on your Shopify Analytics. This is why we implemented our own IP Log feature for you to fully see who is being blocked/redirected from your store.

If you could please let me know how you are testing country redirects, I would really appreciate it.

I will also send you an email to follow up.

Thank you,
Electric Apps