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Wooview ‑ All in one


Reviews, Wishlist, Sales Popups, Signup Popup, Email Marketing

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Get Customer Reviews & Photos

With Wooview's review app, you can get customer review photos and send automatic request emails to ask for reviews and offer discounts.

Wishlists with reminder email

With Wooview's wishlist app, you can get more customer behavior data and reduce the abandonment rate of shopping through inventory reminders

Faster store

Wooview integrates reviews, wishlists, popups apps into one one-stop app, providing you with faster website loading speed!

有關 Wooview ‑ All in one

About Wooview apps in one

Wooview is a one-stop marketing app that can provide product reviews, wish lists, signup pop-up, sales pop-ups, and email marketing features for your Shopify store.

Wooview product reviews and social proof apps can win customers’ trust and improve conversion rates by showing shoppers how satisfied other shoppers are with products

1) Product reviews: collect and display customer photo reviews and product reviews to build brand trust and promote sales. The review request email can be customized and personalized to collect review photos.

  • Review theme customization

  • Supports a variety of review presentation styles: waterfall, list, round, grid

  • Pictures and text comment

  • Send email to the customer requesting review

  • Remind customers to review on additional picture requests

  • Reward those who leave the review by email with coupon

  • Homepage review carousel

2) Wishlists: Let customers easily save their favorite products in the wishlist. Increase sales and purchase conversion rate through inventory reminder emails.

  • Wishlist theme customization

  • Share your wishlist via email or social media

  • Send purchase reminders to customers who collect products

  • Remind customers to purchase through inventory changes

  • Ask family or friends to pay on behalf of you

3) Signup pop-up: increase your subscribers through customizable email signup pop-ups, and promote sales by sending coupons.

  • Signup pop-up theme customization

  • Customizable pop-up position, display time, etc

  • Customizable welcome email

4) Sales pop-ups: By displaying recent additional purchases, sales, and reviews, to build trust and social proof, to encourage visitors to buy products from you.

  • Sales pop-up theme customization

  • Add to cart/purchase/review notifications

  • Customizable pop-up position, display time, delay time, etc

  • Desktop and mobile devices are optimized using different designs

5) Promote sales through automated email marketing:

  • Invite customers to review request emails

  • Remind customer to add review picture request email

  • Send coupon email to customer

  • Share wishlist email

  • Pay on behalf email

  • Product inventory reminder email

  • Signup to notification emails

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  • Up to 100 orders
  • Basic reviews
  • Basic wishlist
  • Basic sales pop-ups
  • Basic Signup pop-up
  • Limited email marketing
  • With wooview branding


每月 $19

或每年一次收費 $193.80,按每月 $16.15 計費

  • Up to 500 orders
  • Full reviews
  • Full wishlist
  • Full sales pop-ups
  • Full signup pop-up
  • Limited email marketing
  • Remove wooview branding


每月 $49

或每年一次收費 $499.80,按每月 $41.65 計費

  • Up to 1500 orders
  • Full reviews
  • Full wishlist
  • Full sales pop-ups
  • Full signup pop-up
  • Limited email marketing
  • Remove wooview branding


每月 $99

或每年一次收費 $1,009.80,按每月 $84.15 計費

  • Unlimited orders
  • Full reviews
  • Full wishlist
  • Full sales pop-ups
  • Full signup pop-up
  • Unlimited email marketing
  • Remove wooview branding

* 所有費用均以 USD 計價。
** 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

5.0 5 顆星


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Allwin shop

I was very surprised by the wooview team. They really help you, they explain everything, let you get all the information you need, and they solve all your problems and questions as soon as possible. I really appreciate it. They're fine, too!
In addition, the app works perfectly and it has so many options that you can do whatever you want!


I am looking for a loyalty program for my website and found this app. So far, it has really impressed me, especially because it has other features I want, such as wish list, product review and sales pop-up. After installing the app, I kept updating the features and had a lot of surprises. After installation, I need to adjust some things. The customer service team replied to my requested email very quickly. I recommend this app.

Success Buy

Great support team and fast response, great quality and the wooview app is great and satisfy our need. Highly recommended.