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WordPress Importer

WordPress Importer

Developed by Shopify

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  • Import your WordPress blog on to Shopify
  • Supports WordPress posts with their comments and images
  • Also handles WordPress pages

Thinking of creating an online store with Shopify but already have an existing website on WordPress? Don't want to manage two websites?

We hear ya, so we’ve built an app that will help move your WordPress blog over to Shopify!

The WordPress Importer is an app that will copy WordPress posts with images and tags, comments and pages into your Shopify store.

WordPress Importer reviews (21)


It's a great app if you have time to import every time you post a new blog. I wish it would do it automatically for us.


Works, but strips all the formatting out so each blog post looks like a giant block of text. Why wouldn't shopify simply permit the uploading of the XML export that Wordpress can produce and retain formatting?


Terrible app. it never completes the actual import of all your blog posts, numerous times getting stuck on importing comments. The blog posts that do get imported over lose most of the formatting of the content and images. After contacting support on this, I was told this app really only works with .com Wordpress blogs, not .org WP blogs. Brutal. Stay away.




Awful. Doesn't automatically import new posts, and every time you import, it creates a new blog, forcing you to delete old blogs from the store admin. It's so much extra work, useless.


This app works [mostly] as expected, if there was better documentation somewhere I would have given 5/5 stars. Shopify support staff was amazing as usual.


This is embarrassing how are you going to publish an app that doesnt do the complete job of importing the wordpress without having to do extra work after the import? Hire better developers to do the job right. I dont know why no one else has made a 3rd party app to solve this?


This app successfully imported my WP Blog and saved me loads of time. Some of the links were lost, as some of the pages they were linked to no longer existed- so it was time to check my links and update them anyway. Photos that had a URL imported nicely, but it did not pull photos from my library that did not have a URL, as expected.


Waste of time. Imported text only and no images at all which was the only reason I wanted to use it so I would not have to edit each post and add put the images back in. Very disappointed.


It does work!

But you will have to go in and edit each blog post to make it look better. The import includes garbage data that it cannot decipher and does include most of the links which would have to be changed. Most of my links will be broken. I may just remove all formatting in each blog post and I am assuming will also remove all links too.

If the import fails, try again. Received a 403 Forbidden error message. Not sure if the server where the Shopify Importer resides was a bit flaky at the time.

-->>>Clear the 'cache' in your web browser and try again. It will work! Even tho editing is required, I can look past this as all blog posts, images and comments all came through!
Thanks for a great App!


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