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WordPress Importer

WordPress Importer

Developed by Shopify

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  • Import your WordPress blog on to Shopify
  • Supports WordPress posts with their comments and images
  • Also handles WordPress pages

Thinking of creating an online store with Shopify but already have an existing website on WordPress? Don't want to manage two websites?

We hear ya, so we’ve built an app that will help move your WordPress blog over to Shopify!

The WordPress Importer is an app that will copy WordPress posts with images and tags, comments and pages into your Shopify store.

WordPress Importer reviews (30)


Great app. I was able to import all of my old blog posts from Wordpress right to my new Shopify site.


It worked pretty good. I had over 150 blogs to bring over so I had to reset it a few times, but it eventually went through and saved me a ton of headache. Very, very happy. And it worked fairly well once it went through. Thank you!!!

Mike Kollin
Dating & Relationship Expert



Five stars is all I can say about this app.


This app is awesome! It was weird trying to login but once I reset my Wordpress password and logged in, I was able to import my blog posts and they look great! Thank you for creating this app! It' takes the extra step out that I used to have to take to add my new blog posts to my website.

I have a hard time logging in. Very difficult. This app is amazing once I am finally able to get in.


I can't even tell you how much I *love* this app! For me and our purposes, it works flawlessly, and is causing a HUGE increase in our web traffic with almost 0 extra work! Just push a couple of buttons and let the imports begin!

It's awesome!

Well done. :)


This didn't have to be perfect... saved hours of work!!! Well done!!


This was useful for portions of our import from WP. It didn't do everything we needed, however, we did find it to be a vital component in the transfer process.


This app does NOT do what it promises to do! If you're thinking about using it, run the other way.

You know where it says it "imports" everything...well it doesn't. It imports the blog posts and text, but continues to use the old URL/path to refer to the images on your old WP server. So.... everything looks good and you go to launch your new Shopify store (which points your website away from your old WP site) and the images in the blog all disappear because those image paths no longer exist.

It has made a mess of our site and cost us a lot of money to fix.


I couldn't get it to recognize the URL to my WordPress blog -- and without better documentation, there was no way to troubleshoot.

For those for whom it works, it sounds marvelous. But alas, that wasn't me.


HORRENDOUS. Totally bogus. I went to the trouble of saving my Wordpress.org to Wordpress.com in order to import. Don't bother. You will need to rewrite the content and upload the original images to Shopify anyway - especially if your blog was part of a domain that you are repointing to Shopify. The content screen totally screws up text and images. Save yourself the trouble and use a subdomain.


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