Auto Tags ‑ Smart Collection

Auto Tags ‑ Smart Collection

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Create advanced collections, tags automatically

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Add tags automatically

Add tags to products, orders and to customers automatically by matching setting conditions without any manual job

Create Smart Collection

Create smart collections automatically by matching setting conditions without any manual job

Save your time

Saves your time by auto-tagging orders to help you focus on other useful business aspects.

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About Tags Flow

Tags Flow is an app that would show you how amazing automation can be. Set up the app to automatically tag products, customers & orders using custom rules of your choosing.

Why should you choose our app?

  • Make your workflows under control: Tags Flow helps you easily organize your store's products, classify customers and manage your orders. The tags added can be set by rules, all are customizable to meet your requirements.
  • Easy to use: Friendly and simple interface that easy to use even with people who are not tech-savvy or new to Shopify.
  • Multiple data resources available with just one app: Getting too many applications to work on the same feature for different resources will not only slow down your site but also be complicated for management.
  • Amazing support

Auto Tags - Create tags by conditions

  • Unlimited create or remove tags automatically
  • Simple to more advanced tagging rules
  • Tag products: Keep your items categorized with vendors, variant options, special marks, etc.
  • Tag customers: Classify clients by their shopping behavior, new & potential customers or VIP, etc.
  • Tag orders: You may want to separate orders that contain specific items, noted with messages, etc.
  • Real-time auto-tagging with webhooks
  • Activity log review

Create collections with advanced conditions

  • Start creating a collection by selecting smart/automated collections or select specific conditions
  • Add/remove products from your manual collections with conditions





Kostenlose Installation

$12 per 10000 app credits

  • Create or Remove tags automatically
  • 500 free app credits
  • Tag Orders, Products, and Customers
  • Create Unlimited Workflows
  • Activity log



$10 per 10000 app credits

  • All Basic Features
  • Smart tags rule
  • Create Smart-Collection
  • Real-time run workflow
  • Long-Running Tasks
  • Schedule running time for each task



  • All Basic Features
  • Free App credit points for all workflow actions.

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