Up-selling and cross-selling made easy

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Up-Sell & Cross-Sell

Increase your revenue with up-sells and cross-sells. More opportunities, more sales, more profit!

No issues with GDPR

X-Sell is 100% GDPR-compliant. You don’t have to worry about your users data privacy.

Customizable for any language

The X-Sell app and its support are available in English and German. Furthermore, you can adjust the offer-layers as you like.

Om X‑Sell

X-Sell gives you the opportunity to offer up-sell and cross-sell offers in your Shopify shop via overlay and thereby increase your revenue. With the X-Sell app you increase your customers’ average shopping cart value.

The X-Sell app is designed to work with all the different Shopify shops and themes, so you can create cross-sell and up-sell offers without compability issues.

Within your offers, you can vary the display format of your up- and cross-sell overlays. You decide where you want to show the X-Sell overlay: either when the customer adds an article to his shopping cart, or when he wants to continue to checkout to finish his purchase.

Additionally, the X-Sell app lets you customize the colors in the design field, so you can easily adjust the app to your individual shop design. You can also customize the texts which gives you the opportunity to translate the app in any language.

What is the difference between cross-sell and up-sell?

When a customer adds a product to his shopping cart, you can suggest him a product that fits perfectly to his purchase via cross-sell overlay. This could be a gift card for a present in the shopping cart or batteries for a remote.

The up-sell-overlay is the perfect option to suggest your customer an upgrade of the product in his shopping cart. This could be the case when a newer and better version of the product has been released, and you want to give your customer the opportunity to buy this product instead. Otherwise, if you have a discount on a product, you can suggest this product to your customer via up-sell overlay.

What is the difference between X-Sell and other cross- & up-selling apps?

The X-Sell app not only is very easy to handle, but also 100% GDPR compliant. So you don’t need to worry about your customers’ data privacy. Additionally, X-Sell offers support in English and German, so language barriers belong to the past.

While other up- and cross-selling apps are limited, the X-Sell app is available at any time with all its features. Show your customers unlimited offers or choose your entire product range, to offer an additional product for all your products.

You can easily jumpstart to your first offer:

  1. Create your first X-Sell offer by clicking on "Create offer"
  2. Select at least one trigger product that will be responsible for opening the popup
  3. Select at least one product that you want to be shown in the popup
  4. As soon you click on "Save Offer" your offer becomes active



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