xentral Business Booster

xentral Business Booster

door Xentral ERP Software GmbH

Your entire business – centralized & automated

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Boost your Shopify shop

We centralize & automate your processes in warehouse, shipping, production, accounting and more – all at only one place: xentral ERP.

Grows with you step-by-step

Choose by yourself which optimization your Shopify shop currently needs and add over 100 additional e-commerce functions later.

Super connectable

xentral has many friends: Sendcloud, Hubspot, Google and much more. Keep your well-functioning systems and simply connect them to xentral.

Over xentral Business Booster

Boost your Shopify shop – with over 100 e-commerce extensions

The xentral Business Booster is the easiest way for Shopify users to give their e-commerce a professional set up in the long term. Connect your Shopify shop to the xentral ERP world with just a few clicks. Choose from these power functions that will take your business to the next level: Are you going into retail or international? Want to test marketplaces like Amazon or eBay? Optimize your shipping? Finally building a proper CRM? No problem! From now on you can do all this and more at just one place - xentral ERP. Try it out now – 14 days for free!

The 8 most important xentral Shopify solutions

1. Connect external fulfillment service

Keep track of inventory and shipping processes: xentral smoothly connects Shopify with your fulfillment provider. Using Amazon FBA? xentral manages it for you.

2. Amazon, eBay, Etsy – discover marketplaces

Centralize your channels at one place and keep control over all processes: orders, inventory, shipping status, invoices etc.

3. Simplify warehouse and shipping processing

Thanks to the seamless connectivity to DHL, DPD, Hermes, GLS, Sendcloud and much more, all shipping data is collected in xentral. Having your own warehouse? Print shipping labels automatically and check tracking numbers at one sight.

4. Send bundles and trial packages with ease

xentral gives your fulfillment individual defined parts lists, also enables partial returns including credit and even suggests reorders.

5. Deal with batches, best before dates, serial numbers

xentral ensures that e.g. batch numbers appear on all receipts where they belong. You always know which customer has received which batch.

6. Document customer information in CRM properly

Find all customer data and correspondence at one place - addresses, emails, calls.

7. Deal with B2B customers and orders - also as subscription models

Generate recurring customer orders in xentral, they are triggered automatically. You can also assign different prices to B2B customers.

8. Manage refunds easily

One click in the Shopify order and your customer gets his credit. Thanks to the connection between Shopify and xentral, the downstream processes, such as accounting, are correct.

Boost your business - how it works:

  1. Download the app, it connects you to xentral ERP
  2. Register for the free xentral trial version
  3. Load article data
  4. Try it out – 14 days for free!

xentral – developed in Germany, optimized for DACH markets

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  • Amazon,
  • DHL,
  • Sendcloud,
  • Hubspot

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