XERO Integration by Bold

Accurate & EASY way to connect and auto-sync orders with XERO!

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Junior Bambinos

So disappointed that there has been zero communication regarding this app being changed and now charged for! We will be removing this app because your fee structure is utterly ridiculous.

Father Time Bread

Do NOT touch this app with a 10-foot pole... This app has been my worst experience with Shopify by far. I thought, "oh, I use Shopify and Xero, so clearly I need this app, right?" Wrong. This app has done nothing but cause MAJOR trouble in my Xero account. Accounting is already a little bit tricky. What you don't need is an app to completely dismantle the structure of your accounting records and require a PhD in accounting/Xero to fix it. Customer service from both Xero and Bold have been unhelpful, pointing fingers at one another and offering suggestions that don't work. I am completely fed up. My taxes are due in just a few days and right now this app has caused my sales to look like their doubled (artificially inflating my tax liability). I need to eliminate this double-counting ASAP in order to pay the right amount of taxes. I really wish I had never even thought of installing this app. I should have listened to the other reviewers. I'll never make that mistake again! Even Xero bookkeeping firms are telling me to stay away from this app, that it has major problems. I normally like Bold and use some of their other apps. Not this one. Ever. Again.

Coffea Coffee

We have removed this app and are now using Carry the one.
The Bold app when free was manageable even with dropouts and the paypal issues but now they are charging for it it's not worth it.

Lockdown Security

DO NOT | DO NOT | DO NOT pay for this app, you will regret it.

Cancelled the app after they went to paid (as did the other multiple negative reviewers). I would gladly pay the fee IF they had added functionality OR even perfected the app, as it stands this app is full of glitches AND if you sell services (like we do) does not have the capability to sync into multiple sales accounts in Xero, meaning your services will get entered into Merchandies sales account, unless you manually go in and edit EACH invoice (try doing that when you have over 600 invoices per month).

DO NOT | DO NOT | DO NOT pay for this app, you will regret it.


Cutting to the point - you don't actually need this app to use Xero successfully with Shopify. Once you've linked your business bank account with Xero, all your expense and revenue data is regularly imported/synced
from your bank anyway. So when Shopify pays you out for your sales, it will show up as a credit in Xero and all you have to do is allocate that transaction to 'sales revenue'. Done.

This app actually doesn't do anything that Xero doesn't already do. Just trying to get extra money out of newbies who haven't had the chance to figure it out for themselves yet.

Palm & Pine Party Co.

This app was ok when it was free, not great, but also better than manually typing in each order we receive. However, BOLD recently introduced fees to use the app for over 20 orders a month. If the app worked well and integrated with Xero better than it currently does/did I might continue to use and thus pay for the app. Unfortunately, there were no improvements made when they introduced the fee structure, so a minimum $20USD for the same mediocre program it was before is ridiculous. Save your money and look elsewhere.

UNDZ Canada

Everything stopped and now we have to pay crazy fees... they didn't even advise to let us know. Plus it doesn't work very well

Fresh 5

The completely ridiculous pricing structure has been introduced without any notification or communication from the developers. My XERO subscription costs less than this app now does. I don't mind paying for apps that work well and provide a solution within my store, but to go from free to $60USD a month without any notice is absolutely ridiculous.

Diamond Networks

This application has never worked as advertised from the beginning and was one of the worst applications on shopify to date. Not only does the application emulate failure, but the support team also represent the notion of disappointment. By using this app, our company found that bold created more work for us, than it did making things easy. On top of that, when we queried the support staff about some major issues, they mostly brushed over the main points and simply helped us out with small minor complaints rather than addressing the bigger issue. All in all this experience was very poor and we have no intentions of going back to bold, or of recommending this application to anyone else, as it is not fit for purpose. Unfortunately ratings systems, don't allow you to rate a 0/5, but we are going to do this right here and say, we rate this application a 0/5.


The app is OK - a few bugs here and then, can't complain too much when it was free. The new pricing is ridiculous - more than we pay for either Shopify or Xero - we'll be uninstalling unless this changes.