Xero Integration by Bold

Xero Integration by Bold


Export orders from Shopify into your Xero accounting software

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The Chocolate Society

This App is horrific. Complete waste of time and money. It used to be free and good - it's now expensive and awful. My book keeper is spending days trying to untangle your mess.


I am very disappointed at the introduction of these extortionate new pricing plans. Like a lot of small businesses, we rely on our Shopify/Xero integration and the ability to integrate the two apps was a major factor in our decision to use them both.

Our store is extremely small with just 2 employees. We process on average 600+ orders a month. By the definition of your apps pricing plans we are an "Enterprise" – tell that to our bank account! – and as a result are expected to pay $59.99 on top of our Shopify and Xero plans for something we were previously getting for free. No improvements. No additional features. No alternatives offered. Nothing.

I would consider paying for a fully featured integration that properly handled inventory management, purchase orders, channels, proper sales categorisation etc. But expecting small businesses to pay so much for such a basic and buggy app is ridiculous.

Most of Shopify's competitors offer accounting software integrations as standard. We will definitely be exploring alternatives to Shopify going forward. Of course, as Bold is well aware, we have invested a fair amount of resources in our Shopify store. However I would advise anyone considering signing up to Shopify to take another look at the alternatives.

Victoria Windsor

Deleting this app - I could put up with the clunkiness and bugs when it was free but they now want to charge me $40 per month... how they think it's worth 25% more than my entire Xero sub is beyond me. Looked into how to do it manually myself and have found it's actually easier, quicker and cleaner than with the app... wish I'd done it a year ago!

Cast off Collective

This app worked ok for a couple of years but for the last few months it has been terrible. On numerous occasions it has corrupted the invoices I'm importing to Xero - putting the wrong SKUs in the wrong invoices which stuffs up my inventory and accounts. I've spent hours (days!) fixing it and each time I trusted they'd sort it out but the camel's back has been broken - I've moved to a different app and feel the need to warn people. Their support people have been responsive and seem to want to be helpful but ultimately they've been unable to fix the root cause nor fix the mess in my accounts, despite me providing access to my data for diagnosis and a detailed description of what has happened each time (main trigger seems to have been when an invoice contains an item code that hasn't been set up in Xero yet - the app creates an item like it always used to, then has a meltdown, corrupting all your subsequent invoices). Don't go near this if you value your time and the accuracy of your accounts.

Be Vibrant

This app has always been a bit crap. It did 85% of the job but there were always glitches and refunds/ credits etc were always catered poorly. I thought it was a freebie provided by Xero so didn't complain. But no! This is another crap-ola BOLD app. Bold seem to think they can over-charge for everything.
I found this month that I had not been able to reconcile my Xero transactions due to exceeding monthly export on free plan, so upgraded. However I still can't export the remainder of the orders from last month even though I'm now on the paid plan and there is no way to go back retrospectively and export the orders from before today! Now I'm in the crappy position of having to reconcile 15+ days of transactions manually. I'm going to be un-installing and disputing the charge for the current month via Shopify support.


Was tricky to set up BUT the BOLD support team were absolutely fantastic at helping me! Now all integrating and saving me so much time

Morse Toad

This app worked fine. But suddenly they upped the price. I would have paid a reasonable amount, but expecting me to pay up to $90 a month is nuts. People are trying to run businesses here. I assume they realised they were the only app so went all out to maximise their income. Greedy!

HKT Products

Useless, this app only imports certain orders, spoke with support over a number of days only to be told that they know it doesn't work, they don't know why, can't offer a work around or give us any idea on how this can be managed. No idea which invoices will be imported and which will be left behind. They also say they can not give me a time frame on when the bug will be fixed. Currently looking for alternatives. Avoid.


Buggy and incomplete.

We faced number of issues that turned out to be bugs in this app. After weeks of exchanging emails and wasting our time, we were told its a bug and their developers "are working on it". One month later nothing has happened, ticket closed! This app is far from ready.

It does not support multiple stores.
It has issues importing taxes correctly.
Randomly fails to import transactions and never imports them to Xero,...

Baked Cravings

It works for me which is to simply import sales from Shopify to xero. but at $60 a month not nearly worth it. I will be canceling shortly and just doing one monthly journal entry.