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I'll pretty much echo what a lot of other reviews have mentioned recently. For a free app it's ok. It works mostly but then the feed breaks down occasionally and there is no mechanism to notify you when it happens so you may not discover it until you do reconciliations in Xero and find that transactions are missing. I don't know about anyone else but I have my hands full with running my store and my business, I don't do this task everyday so that means it could be a month or so of a broken feed before I notice. The answer I got on this was "oops unfortunately that functionality is not yet available". Then on top of it, I get an email saying "we've done a lot of work on this app recently" blah blah "and now we want to charge a small fee for the app! Oh and btw, your fee based on volume of sales will be $59.99/mo!" I'm sorry what? Who considers $59.99 a month for an app that does no revenue generating, basically passes transactions back and forth (that's it), breaks down and is full of bugs, a reasonable, not to mention SMALL fee??? I emailed them expressing my outrage at the pricing and the fact that the app doesn't even work as it should and was told that yes they've done a lot of work on the app in recent times and will be doing more work in the future. Is there anything else we can help you with??? I had to laugh only because what is the other alternative! Money grab like no other, and very little value. Hate it and will be looking for other solutions ASAP.

Tea Princess

It stopped working all of a sudden ! information always missing from the integration so have to do manually anyway!

String Harvest

Update on my original review:
I do not recommend this app. I think the only way to improve this app is to scrap the coding and start again. I have errors on approximately 60% of imports. Just quickly - I run stringharvest .com .au - we are a genuine shopify store and small Australian family business, turning over 250-500k per annum so I don't want you to think I'm writing a cranky anonymous review for some dropship nonsense estore. This app is rubbish and I'm so over it, I'd rather go back to manual spreadsheet importing because that would actually have a better success rate and I'd be less angry. This app has never not been buggy and at around 80AUD a month is an absolute RORT. I went over my plan last month so I got charged 8.4USD to import SIX - yes 6 - transactions. In other words 2.11AUD per excess import. What is the rationale, Bold? What have I missed?

That's outright theft when half the time it doesn't import all transactions! It loves to fail on your biggest days so when you're busy with sales, there's nothing more joyful than the 11.15pm email saying, again, your Xero import failed. For the third day in a row. oh! and just when the BAS is due. YAY! I repeat - this app is a last resort.
INITIAL REVIEW from mid 2019: this app has lost me countless hours. it stopped working 27th June last year and since then I get patches where it works but most days fails to export. What a shambles of an 'integration' - and now Shopify and Xero want to charge for it? I am appalled that there seems to be no solid integration between the two - and at this stage of e-commerce this is literally costing businesses thousands of collective hours of bookkeeping misery. You cannot start charging for this service! I'm left with no choice but to spend hours fixing spreadsheets and doing things the old fashioned way. In the meantime I'll face ATO penalties all because I don't have enough hours in the day to fix the mess this BOLDAPPS software has wreacked on my xero. Far out.

Band of Climbers

Outrageous how much they now want to charge their users for this app, which is bug ridden and rarely works anyway. These fees are shocking considering we already pay Shopify fees plus our subscription to Xero. We'll be deleting this App, and all Bold apps ASAP, even if it means doing more work manually.

Oasis Black

I installed this app believing that the integration was free because I already pay for both a Shopify subscription AND a Xero Subscription!
It's not ok for Xero or Shopify to then start charging more to integrate the two platforms. This is one of the only reasons I choose to go with Shopify in the first place. Not having a free integration between the two platforms, and pricey separate subscription fees, no longer makes Shopify nor xero attractive options.


Following the announcement of charging us a fee, I wrote to Bold to tell them I was not ok to pay for something that requested extra work from us monthly. Indeed, broken bank feeds and transactions get lost monthly: one has to fix these manually, this takes time.

Here is their answer: "We understand that there has been a few bugs in the last few months that have caused a ton of manual work from merchants."

Seriously?! So if this has required "tons of manual work for merchants", maybe you should fix your app before charging us!!! I am ok to pay for something that works, not for something that does not work.

Whipped Up Wonderful

The fee they want to charge is shocking. I already pay Xero for my accounting. To then pay an app to transfer the info to Xero on top of the fees I already pay is a joke. I'll be deleting this app pretty much immediately. This is a cash grab if I ever saw one.

PekoeTea Edinburgh

The app is not good enough to cost the fees that Bold want to charge. We are moving away straight away to another app of comparable price. The new fee structure is completely unjustified.

Pristine Cleansing Sprays

Will be deleting bold app after this surprise fee introduction. I don't understand why it makes sense to pay more than the Shopify OR Xero apps themselves simply to transfer data from one to the other. I would expect Bold will lose a lot of customers with this move.

UPDATE - I have talked to the Bold team, and they have no explanation for the pricing structure they are introducing. This is the biggest price gouge I've ever experienced as a Shopify customer. The pricing structures are based on number of orders exported, so it is very clearly an effort to take advantage of companies with more revenue. The pricing structure is not related to the service provided at all. This is a very bad business practice.

I will still be deleting this app as soon as I find a workaround. I notice their review rating has plummeted since the new pricing was introduced. I'm not surprised.

Primal 7

It has been one glitch after the other since Bold took over this app. Currently dealing with multiple broken bank feeds and missing transactions. Export message says only one item had an error, and yet I'm missing over a dozen transactions. Previous interactions with customer service do not give me faith they will be able to help. The new pricing structure just adds insult to injury. They're attempting to charge for something that works half of the time