Xero Integration by Bold

Xero Integration by Bold


Export orders from Shopify into your Xero accounting software

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Following the announcement of charging us a fee, I wrote to Bold to tell them I was not ok to pay for something that requested extra work from us monthly. Indeed, broken bank feeds and transactions get lost monthly: one has to fix these manually, this takes time.

Here is their answer: "We understand that there has been a few bugs in the last few months that have caused a ton of manual work from merchants."

Seriously?! So if this has required "tons of manual work for merchants", maybe you should fix your app before charging us!!! I am ok to pay for something that works, not for something that does not work.

Whipped Up Wonderful

The fee they want to charge is shocking. I already pay Xero for my accounting. To then pay an app to transfer the info to Xero on top of the fees I already pay is a joke. I'll be deleting this app pretty much immediately. This is a cash grab if I ever saw one.


Does an ok job for a free app, lots of manual work arounds needed, don't think it's worth the pricing they want to charge. Will expect improvements in functionality and support if they want people to pay


Seems to work fairly well for normal simple orders, but it only works occasionally for refunds. We process refunds regularly (which isn't unusual for an online business) so I'm constantly having to manually find and fix these errors. Support said there was no current plan to fix this....

I put up with this when it was a free app, but there's no way this is worth paying any money for.

Hoop Empire

It works. Most of the time, gets stuck occasionally and needs to be reconnected. Annoying when you don't notice for a few days.

However the new pricing plan is totally unjustified for the functionality it provides.

Try $5 / month?

Updated my review whilst we wait to see if new features / reliability is forthcoming after the change to the pricing plans.

PekoeTea Edinburgh

The app is not good enough to cost the fees that Bold want to charge. We are moving away straight away to another app of comparable price. The new fee structure is completely unjustified.

Pristine Cleansing Sprays

Will be deleting bold app after this surprise fee introduction. I don't understand why it makes sense to pay more than the Shopify OR Xero apps themselves simply to transfer data from one to the other. I would expect Bold will lose a lot of customers with this move.

UPDATE - I have talked to the Bold team, and they have no explanation for the pricing structure they are introducing. This is the biggest price gouge I've ever experienced as a Shopify customer. The pricing structures are based on number of orders exported, so it is very clearly an effort to take advantage of companies with more revenue. The pricing structure is not related to the service provided at all. This is a very bad business practice.

I will still be deleting this app as soon as I find a workaround. I notice their review rating has plummeted since the new pricing was introduced. I'm not surprised.

Sydney Ice Dogs

Totally disappointed with bold. We are a not for profit sporting club and these monthly charges are steep for importing only to two accounts in xero. This app has been working well for us, however, we cannot afford Shopify fees, then bold fees, then xero fees just to sell tickets, oh and the fee for holding the event as well. For this price you need to offer different account codes for sales so the itemisation can be more discrete than what you currently offer.

Will you offer a discount for not for profit associations? Xero currently offer us a 25% discount.

Also the 6 months we dont operate, can we switch to the free plan?

Update.... 26 January: bold have responded to an email and we are awaiting a response in regard to a not for profit discount which is encouraging. In addition you can dial back to the free plan if your sales volume seasonally diminishes.... Will update stars when discount is received.

Discount has been applied so we are happy with the outcome

Jordan responded and put us in touch with the appropriate person. Thankyou

Primal 7

It has been one glitch after the other since Bold took over this app. Currently dealing with multiple broken bank feeds and missing transactions. Export message says only one item had an error, and yet I'm missing over a dozen transactions. Previous interactions with customer service do not give me faith they will be able to help. The new pricing structure just adds insult to injury. They're attempting to charge for something that works half of the time


This integration has always been free. They suggest I move to the Enterprise plan. So now I have to pay Xero their monthly fee and another monthly fee for their integration!? I'll be researching other ways to work with Xero.