Xero Integration by Bold

Xero Integration by Bold


Export orders from Shopify into your Xero accounting software

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This integration has always been free. They suggest I move to the Enterprise plan. So now I have to pay Xero their monthly fee and another monthly fee for their integration!? I'll be researching other ways to work with Xero.

Glyco Skincare

Since Bold acquired this app it didn’t take them long to start charging for it which until now has always been free. It is obvious from their new pricing plans that they’ve had plenty time to analysis everyone’s data to come up with a pathetic free plan of only 30 transaction, forcing most to move over to the paid tier. I’ve never been a fan of any of Bold’s bug ridden apps and this recent change just gets my back up even more. Prior to Bold acquiring this app it worked like clockwork, when they took over it was one bug after another so NO, they haven’t been working effortlessly to fix the bugs that were there as per the email they sent me, instead they have been fixing all the bugs they created!


Great help from Samuel L. Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We tried this app, it might work for some people as they do export all the order at the end of the day. We would have continued using them if there was some customizing options to simplify the accounting ( in our case we needed daily sales export in one or two invoices for all the orders from the day with the ability to seperate cash orders). It is a pretty bad reputation for Shopify to have such basic things made complicated. Most Brick and mortar places get their pos synced and payed all together at the end of the shift. So the existing system has a chance of smooth running for online only and syncing to one account.

Volta Charger

Seems to work well, I had one problem but the customer service team (Brenden) fixed the issue super quickly so I'm happy with it all.

Skippers Pet Products

WARNING to anyone migrating to Shopify from another platform and looking at this app to take care of your invoicing to Xero, it will try to export all historical data. It does not have an option to skip anything, and it will do it without your knowledge, and there's nothing support can do for you.

We thought we was exporting 2 days of sales, the app decided to try and export 5 years worth, all of which already in Xero from our previous platform. Needless to say our accountant wasn't happy.

If you're starting your business from scratch and haven't used Xero for anything already then you're probably fine. If you're moving to Shopify from something like Magento or another platform look elsewhere.


Experienced a problem uploading data into xero
contacted the live chat and through help of Samuel, Alexa & mc problem sorted swiftly and efficiently
very helpful

Riverton Studio

I have had a very poor experience with this app due to bugs that create syncing errors. The support team is very slow to resolve open issues and does not provide technical details. The Shopify API is often to blame but it works better with Zapier.

Posted Protein

We've been using the app for 2 or 3 years at this point, and while every now & then we run into a couple of headaches Bold is always sure to jump on them & help us out!

Seriously, Alexa and the team just went above & beyond after we had some issues exporting. Between them, they figured out where the issue lay & continued to go back & forth with us and our accountant until we were satisfied with the fix.

Thank you, guys! <3 BOLD


Necessary if you use Xero - but other than sync up does not really do anything - but it does what it’s supposed to

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