Xero Integration by Bold

Xero Integration by Bold


Export orders from Shopify into your Xero accounting software

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StoneLux Stone Effect Paints

After using this app for a year, we're now encountering serious issues. The app has been mapping customer's with the same name (eg John Smith and John Smith) to the same Xero account, despite the customers having different addresses, emails and order numbers.

We've contacted support about this and have been told that this is just the basic functionality of the app and nothing can be done about it. The only work around is to ensure that no two customers have the same name. This is clearly not possible when our customers are ordering through a shopify store and input their own name and contact details.

The issue has resulted in Xero emailing invoices to the wrong customer's email address, and a handful of justifiably annoyed customers contacting us to accuse us of invoicing them for goods they had not ordered or received. It also raises a number of Data Protection problems.

If you are a business that is likely to have more than one customer with the same first and second name, I would look elsewhere for your Xero integration.

Quick Bloom Lights

Well, since day one we have had issues reconciling payments done with Paypal versus shopify payment, for some reason it just can not post both you have to choose one or the other, that may have been ok when it was a free app but now that we have to pay USD 20 per month, this fix should roll out.. but no, no changes or sign that there will be any more added for the now $20 fee per month. We will look at a new app that came out and just charge $10 if its half as good we will be ok.

Honey and Cocoa

Needs new pricing plans. Current structure not justifiable especially if your run Shopify as POS rather than e-commerce only.

Balm House

I'm not happy with the charges at all, I spoke to Bold and was offered a few free months to figure things out. I will update my review in a few months time.


Does an ok job for a free app, lots of manual work arounds needed, don't think it's worth the pricing they want to charge. Will expect improvements in functionality and support if they want people to pay


Seems to work fairly well for normal simple orders, but it only works occasionally for refunds. We process refunds regularly (which isn't unusual for an online business) so I'm constantly having to manually find and fix these errors. Support said there was no current plan to fix this....

I put up with this when it was a free app, but there's no way this is worth paying any money for.


We tried this app, it might work for some people as they do export all the order at the end of the day. We would have continued using them if there was some customizing options to simplify the accounting ( in our case we needed daily sales export in one or two invoices for all the orders from the day with the ability to seperate cash orders). It is a pretty bad reputation for Shopify to have such basic things made complicated. Most Brick and mortar places get their pos synced and payed all together at the end of the shift. So the existing system has a chance of smooth running for online only and syncing to one account.

Little Bow Designs

This is app is great when it's working. However, it would fail to export to XERO for returning customers due to the name already existing in the contact list on Xero. I have to change the setting to not create Contacts and then manually change the invoice details in Xero. This is doubling up my time in correct problem that should not be a problem. Also, it marks invoices and paid which means that I can reconcile the payments until i 'remove & redo' the payment which was system created against the invoice.

Also, there is no support channel if thing goes wrong.

Global Gym Wear

This app used to work pretty well, but in recent weeks it seems to come up with more and more errors... we're now getting loads of failed exports with no explanation as to why.

I just went on the support form to question this and quite stupidly they only give you 30 characters to explain the fault.... seriously stupid.

Stark Medical Pty Ltd

This app previously worked seamlessly. As of last week they have started adding a customer number which in turn adds around 2 minutes more work to every transaction - a massive setback. We now need to edit the customer name as the invoice will look very unprofessional with (Shopify Customer 123456789). Not sure what the devs were thinking when they made this change? In addition, the integration is now quite buggy - some transactions don't come across in spite of accurate part numbers and inventory etc. Super annoying as this was a great product not so long ago

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