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XML/JSON Email Order Export

XML/JSON Email Order Export

Developed by Flexify

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  • Send order data (xml/json) via email when orders get created, paid or fulfilled
  • Scales to thousand and millions of orders per month
  • Connect (legacy) systems that can import email

What is this app for?

This app let's you connect shopify with any systems that can receive emails and parse xml or json.

“Email is the poor man's API.”

– a coder who's seen it all

What does it do?

The app sends order notification emails with the raw order attached as json or xml files.

How does it work

  1. You can send emails to addresses of your choice every time an order is created (and/or paid and/or fulfilled)

  2. You can specify a seperate "to" address and an optional "bcc" address for each of the three available order events (create, pay, fullfill)

  3. The emails have the raw order data attached as an xml or json file

  4. You can send 100 mails every month for free

Is this really a good idea?

The app was developed to connect Shopify stores to fulfilment partners who's systems do not handle webhooks well but do support receiving emails and parsing xml data.

We think using Shopify's API and/or the corresponding webhooks is the best way to notify other systems about new orders. That being said, we also know that there are many cases where this is not feasible but sending and parsing emails is.

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Irreplaceable if you need it. Delivers email fast and reliably

From $0.00 / month

FREE for 100 emails a month

If you need more:
$5.99 / month for up to 1000 email.

Even more:
Every additional 1000 emails are just 2.99$

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