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Yakit ‑ Duties paid shipping

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DDP shipping with landed cost in cart, boosts conversions

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Angel Brinks

Horrible!! Packages always get lost, with 2 weeks of no response from Yakit. I have 4 customers who have not received their packages and are threatening my company with chargebacks or refunds. We are accessible by phone, Yakit isn't. I am so upset, I just don't understand what type of company doesn't return messages?? Customers can never track their packages too! We never have answers for them thanks to YAKIT!!!!!

Helen Jon

We have been using this app to ship international customers for over two years. Up until the last few months the service has worked adequately.
However, the last two months has been a international shipping disaster! We finally pick up in international shipping and find out over a month later that almost all of our shipments are "delayed". Communication from Yakit has been minimum except to reship original delayed shipments. We still have not received the original shipments of product back and have no answers as to when or why they were delayed. It is now at the point where we can't trust shipping through their service anymore. Over 10 of our orders have been delayed and we've had to either reship (double product going out) or refund the entire customer's orders.

International eCommerce shippers BEWARE!

Luxury Playstyle

What a huge time waster! I had high hopes for this service (eyeing and reading their documents for months before trying to enable it), but it turns out the service isn't usable for small businesses that don't have the right structure to qualify for a Known Shipper qualification. If you're a larger company or already have that qualification then your experience might be better (but then you can probably negotiate your own rates and setup a good shipping program with an existing courier).

Keep in mind, to use this app properly with Shopify, you have to be on the Advanced plan or get the 3rd party calculated shipping support added to your Shopify bill ($20/month) by contacting support. That might be worth it if it worked, but it wasted my time and money for something not useful.

The usability for their site also feels pretty weak. While I imagine it works (when you're allowed), it didn't feel like a natural fit for Shopify, with an older-style external UI that you have to figure out because it's not quite as intuitive as other systems. The entire concept of their service seems cool, but their documentation/execution is kind of the bare minimum you need to comply with their service. They didn't properly document requirements, hence eating up a lot of my time giving them the benefit of the doubt that their service would eventually work. If they clarify up front that you need to have certain firm requirements for your business, it would have prevented a lot of frustration for smaller shippers like me. The UI was dated and unintuitive after using better shipping integrated apps, and I was skeptical I could get my team to use it without complaining after getting used to the default shipping interfaces in Shopify/Etsy/ecomdash.

If you plan to use this with Shopify, you need to enable phone number capturing in your shop's checkout settings. Makes sense, but it might impact conversions if people don't want to share their number.

All in all I recommend giving this app a pass-- don't waste your time like I did unless you've reached out to their support team and clarified if it will work for your use cases. It seems promising, but their documentation/usability/customer-service does not give you much to go on.

Todd Snyder

Yakit is a great partner when it comes to shipping internationally. The team there has great communication and works quickly to fix any issue that may arise. We've used their services now going on two years and we could't be happier.

Pro Marine Supplies

Yak It makes International shipping so easy. Their team is always willing to help with questions and requests when needed. Download the app and try for yourself!

Creatif Vie

Thank you Yakit for expanding BJC to the next level!
your app and processing has been easy and sufficient.
I would recommend this company to my fellow Artists that are looking for dependable and cost effective international shipping that support fairness for the customer and for the owner of business!

Edie Parker Dev

Customer service is really helpful!

Shop Sumi

James and Giri are awesome. Their high level of support and availability is unmatched. Using Yakit's service makes shipping internationally successful because including duties and taxes in the shipping cost takes the headache away from the customer. I would recommend using their international service to anybody looking for a great international shipping solution.


Great service. We had prematurely tried setting up international shipping so I had to jump on a call with Yakit to set up everything correctly. Thankfully, James was very thorough and walked me through everything step by step. This app is going to save our shipping team countless hours!

Clearly Filtered

Awesome service! this is by far the easiest and fastest way to do Delivered Duty Paid Shipping! Normally, to achieve such a service you are required to find a customs broker and freight forwarder for each country or an accounting firm to manage them for you. The Customer service is reliable, friendly, and just about always solve my problems within minutes! Some downsides are that the user interface often feels like it is still in development (slow loading and cryptic errors) but in the two years I have been using Yakit they have consistently made improvements to the UI. Some patience is required to get through Yakit's shipping process but in my experience Yakit requires much less time and money than working with privately arranged brokers for direct to consumer shipments.
In summary, the cost and level of customer service absolutely make Yakit a fantastic system for small businesses looking to provide DDP shipping to international customers.

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