Yalty: Boost Conversions

Yalty: Boost Conversions

od Yalty Software Inc.

FB ads not converting? Drive more traffic & sales with Yalty!

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Increase Brand Awareness

Join our platform and have free exposure to our entire member base of parents looking to shop.

Save Costs on Advertising

Stop spending hundreds of dollars on FB ads that don't convert. Start advertising at the fraction of that cost.

Increase Conversion Rates

We help you bring customers at the end of your sales funnel onto your website so that they arrive with the intent to buy.

Podrobnosti o Yalty: Boost Conversions

About Yalty: Boost Conversions

Frustrated with FB ads not converting to sales? We’ve been there too. That’s why we created Yalty, the new way to drive more traffic to your store and experience higher conversion rates at the fraction of the cost.

What’s different about Yalty?

We send customers with the intent to buy right to your store. How do we do this?

We’ve created a fun & educational game for kids that triggers the creation of coupons when quests and new levels are completed. Parents have access to the discount coupons in the parent password-protected dashboard where they can pick and choose which stores they want to apply the discount at. With an incentive in hand, customers arrive at your store wanting to shop. Conversion rates increase. Profits soar.

Check out the mobile game here: roam download link apps flyer

Increase Traffic

As players explore our game and earn discount coupons, their parents will be sent to your online store with a discount ready to be used.

Increase Conversions

Parents visiting your store will have a powerful incentive to use their discount immediately and make a purchase.

Increase Customer Loyalty

As players play our game, their parents will continue to earn more coupons which will keep driving them back to your store.

Gain Valuable Insights

Your Yalty Vendor Dashboard will track and display valuable data and analytics about your store and the customers we send your way.

Set up your account in less than 30 minutes & get started for free!

Getting started with Yalty is easy, quick, and exciting. Yalty allows seamless import of discount codes straight from your Shopify store. Most of our customers can get their store page set up in less than 30 minutes!

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